Is it normal to always be sore?

So I am in the guts of this thing!

The Half Marathon training plan of 14 weeks and I am now in the middle of week 9.

I have spent much of the last 2 or so weeks being SORE!

After a little over a years amount of experience with this running thing I have become to notice the difference between being ‘Sore’ and being ‘Injured’.  Thank goodness I have not been injured too many times to put myself off.

In the last few weeks I have often thought whether it was normal to be achey All The Freeking Time!

My knees ache, my feet sometimes ache, my calves and hammy’s ache.

At what point do I do something about it, or are these symptoms all just normal things when completing something that is new and more arduous than you have ever done before.

For the moment I feel in myself to be (marginally) fine.

The most prominent pain I have right now is in my knees.  And I am reminded of this pain every time I want to be somewhere different.
For now this pain is “nagging” – tells me it is there all the time and it is not quite a “you better stop running or i’ll break” sore… I don’t think.

But this is the thing…

I don’t know if this is what normal ‘First time Half training runners’ go through.

Am I the only one?

I don’t see anyone else blogging about their daily aches and pains.

Am I just not as fit as everyone else, perhaps not as strong as everyone else?

Did I start running too late in my life to cruise comfortably into something like this?

Do I weigh too much to be trying to achieve no-pain training/recovery?

Or is it just my body adapting? Am I getting fitter? Stronger?

I don’t even know! I can’t even tell…

I just keep pushing on, working and hoping that it is all leading to the right thing/s – A strong enough body to endure a 21.1km long run!

Did you feel like this during the training of your first big event?

Is the knee thing normal?

Holla at me , let me know!

Keep on Pushing,

Jay 🙂


  1. Sorry I don’t have answers for your questions:( The only time I have been sore is AFTER my first half marathon. I am often tired but I don’t think it’s normal to ache all the time. I’d be interested to hear what others think/ feel. If you have a rest day does that make a difference?

    1. I never run while in pain or sore. So I guess it is safe to say I get in enough recovery.
      I have a feeling I should have been observing proper recovery routine since the beginning.
      I am a rookie – not stretching after and taking the proper care I guess is leading to my demise.
      But at the same time I’m not in debilitating pain.
      It is tricky when you post things like this, I guess that is why people don’t – as soon as you hear someone saying there is a niggle or an ache then that must mean you are doing it wrong.
      Perhaps I may be, but I’m not stopping lol much to the disgust of some.
      I am putting it down to the rough hill runs I have been doing, this morning I actually toned it back. Stretched adequately and am now feeling pretty tip top. We will see. Hmmm

  2. Good morning Jam, yes some may say this is normal, however use of others veiws will help. Doctors, trainers are there to help also, a deep hot bath does the trick for me. Do not forget you are asking your boby to do alot now, apart from twins, work, family care, you do have a lot going on…roll on…Dad

    1. Thanks dad, encouraging as always 🙂
      I am actually feeling pretty good after my run this morning.
      Will roll with the punches but will get professional advice in the meantime.
      Looking forward to my deep tissue massage next week 🙂

  3. I get loads of muscle aches whenever I up my training significantly, but find a good bit of stretching, a cold bath and lots of foam rolling helps. Not sure about the knee thing though – that’s probably worth getting checked.

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