The end of Week 8 – More Hills for Breakfast!

My butt hurts!

My knees and my Butt both ache!

Not in a “OMG give me the drugs” kind of way, more of a “OMG It’s gonna be worse in the morning” kind of way.

On Tuesday’s I usually start to plan my Long runs for the week.  The term ‘Long run’ in my opinion is only relative to your own running experience.  So my ‘long’ may actually be someone else’s short/super long run.
I consider anything beyond 5 or 6k to be ‘my’ long.

Anywho, back to Tuesday’s planning.  I use MapMyRun to Map out a route that I am likely to be able to cover in the time that I need to put in.  This week the plan required 2 long runs out of me, both Hill runs – one at 50 mins and one at 90 mins.  Using MapMyRun I can plan out where my run will take me and which areas I would need to hit up to get in the best Hills.  By ‘Best’ I mean a good range of gradual to more challenging Hills, and not just one or the other.  I also needed to Map out two different routes to ensure I don’t find myself losing interest in the run – something that I am becoming more and more conscious of the further I get into this game.

My first run for the week involved some accelerations.  I don’t think I did the best I could have for this one.  It was Tuesday and I was still getting over my sickness/disappointment of my weekend long run.  I do feel like I got out there and did my best.

My second run was the first of the long runs.  This one went well, however closer to the end I started to notice the effects of not taking any hydration with me.  At this point of the game I need to start being a little more proactive.

My third run was an easy 30mins (Easy – conversation pace).  I don’t know why but I don’t think I ran this one too ‘Easy’.  I ran from my house to my mother in-laws.  Usually this would take me upwards of 30 mins.  It only took me 27.  And while this is a good thing to have shaved off some time, I still need to keep in mind that I must reserve energy for the Long Run.

My fourth and final run was this morning.  90 minutes of non-stop running.  With Hills!

I feel confident that I am over my tummy flu or whatever it was and I am surely into my comeback.

This mornings run, while it was successful i.e. I finished it, It wasn’t without fault.

I had thought about nutrition – I had my Gu (Espresso Love flavour) (stashed in my awesome new Tech short zippy pocket) at 45 minutes/halfway, I had even had a Honey Stinger 30 minutes before my run.  Once I hit the 1 hour mark, I am unsure whether it was the constant motion of the body plus gravity that stirred some niggles in my belly, or whether it was the nutrition.  The Gu while being successful on a 90 min run, would it cause me issues on a 150 min run? Hmmm!

I had semi-thought about hydration – chugged a wee bit before the run and stashed a frozen 400ml water bottle in my sister in-law’s mailbox at roughly the 5k mark last night.  The water helped immensely, compared to the run last Sunday, however once past the 60 minute mark my legs started to feel fatigue.  I need something more!

In my mapping, I had routed myself to experience two very challenging hills!

The first came shortly after my warm-up, and I have confidently shuffled my way up it plenty of times now.  The second was just after my sister’s place, and that one was also done confidently and without stop.

Every Freeking Hill after that though….

I had to haul my fat ass up the remainder with so much mind power, I almost forgot that I was enjoying my run!

Of the 13.4k I had mapped out for my run this morning, I completed 12.1k.  The second to last hill that I planned to run I skipped and re-routed as I was running out of time.  To be straight up… I was actually scared of it.  After all the hills I had knocked out this morning, just the thought of having to do that 2nd to last one frightened me.

So my thoughts were to next time bust some electrolyte hydration as well as/instead of water.  I will have to think out some kind of plan of how to get this in on my Long training runs.  I don’t have perfectly set Hydration stations along my routes with people handing me paper cups of water or whatever and then being there with big black rubbish bags to pick up the cups that I have failed to aim correctly into a bin as I boost/slog my way past.
In fact just days ago I ordered my very first Hydration Pack online that I should receive hopefully before my next Long Run if not shortly after.  I will have to get used to running with it on my back.

I am figuring it all out, and I am sure I will have a good Race Day plan by the end of it.  It is going to be my first Half, so I need it to be a positive experience so that I am keen to do more.  Pro-activeness wins in this game!

Next week I ‘Build’ with more Hill work and a wee bit of Speed work.

Till next week I am going to leave you with this little bit of weekend inspiration while I bugger off and go stuff my face and drink some beer.

Many long and enjoyable miles to you all!

Jay 🙂

Now if you are a Distance runner and you have never heard of the Blerch then you must check it out!!

Go ahead and hit up this link –The comics – The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons why I run long distances

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