No such thing as a Bad run – Training Plan Halfway

No such thing as a bad run they say…

The story of this mornings run actually started last night.

A humid as heck night meant that I was rolling around in bed till 1am trying to sleep after being continually disrupted by
a) one very sick baby boy
b) one wriggly frustrated over heating husband
c) an over active bladder.

It is safe to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. Just under 4 hours to be more precise.

And as I sit here on the potty writing up my post, I need to add that the food poisoning I had on New Year’s Eve is still taking a toll, not to mention the raging lady pains I have been experiencing the past two days.
All is not right in my world. And I almost cried about it too! Almost.

I woke up suddenly because I could hear the familiar cries coming from the children’s bedroom.  Grayson was still not well, he was sitting up in his bed and I think he was complaining because his tummy was still giving him problems. It was 5:40am and I was late for my date with the pavement.

I settle him back to sleep and rush hurriedly to get my gear on and head out.
Forgetting entirely about nutrition and hydration for what would potentially be my longest non-stop run of 80 mins on course terrain.  I was doomed from the start!

I realised what I had done about 500 metres from home, but I must have still been half asleep because my resolve was to just go out and see what I could do…idiot!

About a half hour into my run I still hadn’t got into my groove. It was hot out and I felt sticky and even though it was only 6:30am the weather was starting to get to me.
My breathing still irregular, my gait was hideously off centre, my body already clammy, it was all quickly turning sour but I was still about 4k’s from home and mentally I kept telling myself I had to give it my best no matter how bad it might be.

The Garmin sounded at the 5th k and I had done it in around 35 mins, so not that bad considering. My mood lifted slightly until I start to feel my tummy cramp. My mouth started to water as nausea began taking over. I had to wog the rest of the distance home.

Inside I was kicking myself, I don’t know why, these were mostly all factors that were unforseeable and uncontrollable. None of it could be helped. My next mission was just to get myself home without crumbling in a pile and feeling sorry for myself.

I arrived home sadden but glad to finally be home so I could vent to hubby. I opened the front door to find my son covered in his own sick. Gosh this day keeps getting better!
After the major vent, I came to the realisation that it was just a run, in the scheme of things it was only at most 10% of my plan so far that I hadn’t followed to the letter.

All was going to be ok.

Week 7 Day 3 80 minute Course Terrain.  Actual – 1:03:05, 8.01k, 7:53 Pace

The hubby actually mentioned something in passing about maybe putting myself under too much pressure to get it all right, perhaps after my last run going so well I had put un-needed stress on myself to be able to perform again.
At the time he had said it I didn’t believe it to be the case, but now I think he is right.

I am more disappointed at the fact that I didn’t get it right, without looking at why it all went wrong in the first place.  I had built such a pretty picture of the whole thing and all I had to do was get out there and make it happen.  I thought because I had so much confidence in myself from previous runs that I could execute it perfectly once again.  I now think that I am slightly dillusional, simply for the fact that I thought I was indestrcutable.  I must have been sooooo high!

I put it out there to my FB Running Buddies, they has some encouraging sympathetic words for me…

“I think sometimes I expect myself to be better than I am so get really pissed off when I don’t perform the way I would like… “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”
“… had a heart to heart with a very good friend of mine the other day about how I seem to be getting quite angry in the gym cos I feel like I should be doing better than I am. He reminded me that fitness isn’t something that you can beat….its can ALWAYS get harder..weights can keep getting heavier…distances can keep getting longer…its how we improve… and we again just have to keep pushing  I went back to the Mount on xmas eve Janine (my actual name if you didn’t already know lol)…I was so determined to run that whole thing! Lol It again kicked my ass but I did heaps better the second time. It annoys me so damn much that I cant do it yet but i’ll be back there when I’m down next to try again!!”  – My soul sister Shannon

” I would hardly describe myself as a runner but yep I have those times too during my wog sessions. Yep I get pissy and ask myself WTF is it hard this time???? Last time was all good why not this time???? I’ve got stronger though in my mind through this journey and I am not giving up. My progress is SLOW and that’s a lot to do with the other medical stuff I constantly have to tweak and take note of no matter what but I won’t give up. As my friend who does a lot of distance running reminded me to think where I was a year ago, even 6 months ago. I still get pissy with myself but it’s lessened when I am reminded of where I was a year/6months ago” – The Lovely Becks.

and Maybe just as my friend Karina says… Maybe I just need a rest.

Well that was my Week 7 – Recovery.  The whole week was off, but the good thing about it is that I have another 7 more to get it right!

We are officially halfway, I am not done yet!

Week 8 is a build week, some Accelerations and more Hill work.  I have a 90 minute long HILL run to look forward to in 7 short days, but I will be ready to smash it!

Getting on with it, hope you are too,

Keep Runnin’

Jay 🙂


  1. Yep defense think we put undue pressure on ourselves at times especially after a good run (wog) the time b4. But we just got to carry on and face the fact that sometimes for whatever reason we r going to have bad runs. Its what we do nxt time that’s important and we learn never to give up and keep on overcoming these obstacles.

  2. It sounds like circumstances conspired against you and while most people would give up on going for a run after such a dreadful night, you didn’t. So stop beating yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day and today you did your best which is more than good enough. X

    1. Thanks for your kind words.
      By the end of the day I think I had made peace with that terrible run lol
      And I think 8k in such circumstances was an effort to be proud of.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Good evening Jam, sounds like things a going fantastic, every one has one of those days, the champs learn and carry on…go Jam Hunt…Dad…Happy Hew Year!!

    On 05/01/2014 21:34, On a Jam Hunt wrote:

    > jamhunt posted: ” No such thing as a bad run they say… The story of this mornings run actually started last night. A humid as heck night meant that I was rolling around in bed till 1am trying to sleep after being continually disrupted by a) one very sick baby ” > >

  4. Sounds like you need a rest. It’s only one run and they do say it’s the recovery that makes us stronger, so maybe you just need to take it easy for a few more days. Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

    1. Yes it’s hard to take forced rest days, in retrospect I think I should have waited till later that day to run, made sure I slept a bit more before going out.
      You live and you learn,
      Thanks heaps for reading 🙂

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