What is in-store for you?

I am not big on New Years resolutions.

As far as I am concerned, positive changes can be made on any day at any time.

It doesn’t have to be a Monday, It doesn’t have to be a new month, it doesn’t have to be on the first of the year.

Any day is a good day for making a better more awesome you!

But if you are the kind that takes the New Year as ‘creating a new you’ then tomorrow is a good place to start!

I am the master at self-reinvention, I have done it many times before in my life.  It is funny because many years ago you would probably not even recognize me.

So if today is the day that you vow to yourself to discontinue a bad behavior and perhaps adopt a new more positive one, then I wish you much luck.  But then again, we all know that changing yourself does not require luck, just hard work.

Not to mention that resolutions put a lot of pressure on you and may actually have great success for the first month, then tend to taper off after the first quarter.

But do not let me dull your enthusiasm, sometimes that ‘Hiss and a Roar’ is all you need to get you started.  Perhaps this may actually be the year you get it right…

…what ever the New Year means for you I hope that it brings more love and more laughter, and most importantly – more epic stuff, more food for your soul!  You only get to do 2014 once, let make it a choice one!

I wish you many enjoyable miles in the coming year!

Do more of the Impossible,

Explore your creativity,

Fear less,

Be nice to people,


Jay 🙂


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