Finding my faith

I have stolen some much needed time just for me.

I am currently sitting in a salon with my head filled with foils. In between giving time to my children, to my husband, working on the house, planning birthday parties and camping ventures I have not had a chance to myself just to manage my own upkeep apart from my scheduled runs.
So I sit here writing up posts that I have had scribbled and floating around in my head, my blog has come last unfortunately for my readers, so this one is to catch you all up on my progress.

Progress there has been!!

Just because I haven’t blogged lately, doesn’t mean my world to has come to a halt. It actually means I have got my shit together and it is all happening… And at pace!

So here goes…

I am firmly in the middle of my fifth week of half marathon training.
Until the last day of week 4 I kept having that inkling that I may not make it (Dreaded DNF)!

Week 4…

I had spent all of last week in the Coromandel, a sun kissed coastlined beautiful part of the Country. My husbands family has a Bach in a small one road in/out town called Pauanui. It is very idyllic.


Lovely flat curving roads that intersect and make up the streets to the small town.
Perfect for ‘Easy’ running.
Exactly what my plan had prescribed for me.
2 days of 20min Easy runs. Both executed at a pace ave of 6.20mins/k, which is almost a whole minute decrease to what I usually comfortably run.


Week four would end with a 50min Course Terrain run, I ended up travelling home on the Sunday, just in time to spend 50 minutes running in the last little rays of sun that the day had to offer, round the estuary I know so well.
I ran a 6.45/k pace.
As I was running, I was remembering back to last week when I was consulting my plan neatly drawn up on my fitness calendar, thinking – oh god how am I going to manage 50 minutes non-stop at the faster pace I have been managing.
A great feeling came over me as I realised I was actually doing it. I was running easy…and quicker than usual.

My run ended in the dark, about 20 after 9.  As I walked up the front stairs leading to my entrance way I was taking stock of how I was feeling.
Legs great, feet great, hips great, energy great!
I felt I still had a good 20-30mins in me.

How encouraging!

I am assuming that the long runs on a Sunday are preparing your body to Run long on Race Day.

I now have faith in the plan, I am confident I will get there!

Now Week 5…

I look forward to continuing my week out, mostly dedicated to Hill work with one easy run thrown in.
20 min Hills yesterday, 30 min Hills tomorrow, 20 easy Saturday and 60 Hills Sunday, which I am slightly trembling about, but I know now that once it’s done I will be surprised at how I’ve done.

I will be spending my Sunday morning on the Mount. The only enjoyable place I can think of that is close to where I live where I can run hills and be happy about it.
It’s gonna hurt, but I will feel so badass about it!

BootCamp last night, I busted my ass to what I thought was my max, again I was surprised by what I achieved. BootCamp again tomorrow night with enough rest to get me ready for running long again.

It’s all very exciting in my head at the moment. Everything going to plan nicely, and continually exceeding my own expectations!

Week 6 bring accelerations, I’ll tell you all about it then,

Till then,

Live well, run long.

Jay 🙂

18.12.2013 160


  1. Sounds like you’re making great progress – good on you! I swear I’m getting worse 😛

    Coromandel is gorgeous – very jealous. Lovely place for a break w family!

  2. Good morning, great reading, keep up the training, exercise and good diet…we will really enjoy the Wellington Half…Dad

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