Goodbye Nike+ Running App :( Hello Garmin :)

I think I have officially joined the elites.

Well not really, but we are moving up in the “Running” world!

I was getting a little over running with my iPhone.  I usually put my phone into a waterproof mobile phone bag and shove it into my bra hah!  It worked fine but after a years worth of running up to 4-5 times a week, my wee system was starting to stretch out my sports bra’s. It would also be very fiddly to put my phone in and take out of the bag to stop/start, and when it rained it was more of a mission to use the touch screen through the plastic.

The Nike app/GPS on my phone was always a little out as well.  It is time to get accurate!

My Garmin | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I test out this bad boy on my first long run on Sunday.  By long, I mean more than 30 minutes.  The run is actually 40 minutes Easy.  The Hubby bought my birthday gift 2 months early/it was on sale at a really good price!

This run will be the completion of Week 3.

I know it is very early on in the Training Plan, but I am starting to have slightly nervous feelings about getting there.  And by getting there, I mean Getting to Event Day and feeling Race Ready – well ready to run my own race, that is.

I know it is super early, and I guess with anything you want to do well at, there is always going to be that little inkling of not getting it right, or things not going to plan.

No matter how I do I know it is going to be a great event anyway.  It will be my first ever Half Marathon and it will be the Benchmark from which I will set many a PR.  I know this because I am that awesome haha


To help my training and fitness along I decided I would do a BootCamp.

With all the madness going on at my house since My Trail Run late November, I have been missing my Core and Leg days.  It is not that I have been too lazy to do them, I have just not had time.  With my Children’s birthday coming up, A camping trip right after, I had my sister over from Brisbane for a week and a half, and My husband (Child Number 3) arrived home (Who I only get to see for less than half the year), it has been a very mish mashy last 3 weeks!  I am having to co-ordinate myself, the children, my husband and other family members to get shit done.  (Also the reason of why I haven’t blogged or read blogs in a really long while).  I am allowed to use that word because at times, it all becomes very trying, I get tired and shitty and sometimes I wish I could just go out for a run.

Except I can’t.

I have to follow my plan!


I will get the work done, I will get to Event Day Race Ready, the process may just drive me a little crazy!

But that’s ok, I have an audience to vent to, and I know you all supportively (<<not even a word?) listen 🙂


The Bootcamp will help me with my strengthening, especially of my core.  I have found lately during my runs I have started swinging in my torso again, instead of keeping a strong core, I twist.  This then affects my hips and then my legs – creating bad form!  Ever since I started running a year ago I have had challenges with my hips.  I am hoping this all over HIIT work out approach will help with some successes in this area!

Stuff about Running Form can be found here.  From Runners World.

Otherwise I am enjoying the process so far.  I have been approaching it calmly and to the letter.  I have been getting in some really decent pace, compared to my usual which has surprised me, but whether I can hold this pace for at least 2 and a half hours is a different story.

Oh and I have been meaning to post a recipe for my MFP buddies – Nabeyaki Udon.
I promise it will be in the very next post!

Till next update,

Run Strong,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Best running wishes going out to my friend Shell, from the ‘I Just want to Run’ group.  Tomorrow she will be completing her second 10k trail event.  I am predicting that she will smash it!  A nice big fat PR is coming her way… I can feel it!
Run on with your Bad self Shell!



  1. I have the same watch; it was my Christmas gift two years ago and one of my best gifts ever!! Mine is terribly scratched from my New Year’s Day fall but I love that it has recorded all my miles for almost two years.

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