Post Event. Continuing the Plan!

Today was Week 2 Day 1 of My 14 week Half Marathon Training Plan.

Complete or Compete – Jon Ackland

This week is considered a Build week.

My run today and according to the plan is 10 minutes Easy Run.

Easy is an easy run at conversation pace.

I completed today’s run at roughly 6 minute (per km) pace and covered a total 1.6km of flat road.

My right calf muscle is still a little tight from the weekends event.  I feel that if I had pushed it any harder than I had, I would have caused myself a tear or more intense strain.  I am grateful for just a little bit of tightness.

According to the Physioworks – Calf muscle tears explanation, I should have made more of an effort yesterday to Ice and Compress.  My calf didn’t feel that affected so I didn’t pay too much attention.  It is not until today that I noticed it becoming a bit of an issue.

At the moment I have my calf in a compression sleeve and will elevate the shit out of it.  I don’t have to run until Thursday (which is also an easy run) so I am hoping by then that it wont be an issue.

I haven’t used anything in the way of Anti-inflammatory yet, its not that bad, but perhaps I am just shrugging off the severity of it.  I am usually like that, I have found that I have a high tolerance of pain – it usually gets me in trouble.  To play it safe I will see a physio if it worsens – much to my disappointment, but I want to have as little down-time as possible.

All in all, I am happy that all I came away with was a slight calf pain and nothing full-blown.  It barely even makes me limp, so I am good to keep on keeping on!

Anywho, see you next run!

Jay 🙂

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