Life is so Good!

Yesterday I had my 6 weekly visit to the Chiropractor.

Ever since carrying the twins in the later stages of my pregnancy I have had really bad hip pain.

Today I am pain-free!

At Life Chiropractic their mantra is “Life is so Good!  And they are right!

I have been seeing Dr Matt Short for a little over a year now and have had nothing but encouraging results with both treatment and advice.  This advice always streams outside of what would be regular chiropractic advice too.  Especially to do with my running.

Yesterday morning I strolled on in, sat down and waited for Matt.  “Ok, standing up, facing the window… Posture is GREAT!”
“Soft clicks”, “no clunking”, “you are doing great!”

These are all encouraging words!  I am doing great!

Anyway, Matt always asks what is coming up for me now, or what do I have planned with my running next.  To which I replied, “Oh I just have a 15k trail this weekend and I am in training for my Half”

“That’s awesome!”

A few bits and pieces about nutrition were mentioned to me – how to fuel appropriately, and then a bill of health/healthy spine was issued in the form of… “Well I don’t think we will need to see you in 6 weeks, we will make it 2 months”

My heart sang on the inside, I am not broken, and am doing great!

I was given more homework from Matt, of which I would need to keep working on, stretches etc, I now feel like I am no longer that beginner runner that is constantly feeling like they’re being/getting injured and that maybe running is not for them!  It has not been the easiest road considering the excess weight I carried and the many pains that I developed from going about ‘running’ all the wrong way!

Now – I my farthest distance is 14k, I can run non-stop for just under an hour without stopping to walk and I am roughly 5-6kg from being at what I would call my Goal weight (not necessarily my healthy BMI). YES!

Anyway, Onward and Upwards (Upwards with the miles, downwards with the pounds!)

I Just want to Run group today, Day 2 Week 8 – 28 mins continuous for the the ladies.  One last day after today for the running group and then 5k Graduation run…. 1 week exactly from today!  Exciting!!

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy

Remember to Run along Virtually with us, these ladies have come a long was and have stayed committed!  That deserves support and recognition!

Life is so Good!

Go out there and get some!!

Run on,

Jay 🙂

P.S. 2 sleeps to the big 15!! Woop Woop, Looking forward to the Post-Pie and Beer! Boom!


    1. Haha jealous! I think in the later stages of my training I will have a lot more pie and beer in my life!
      The pie I made is marginal though, I should’ve left that to the professionals! Lol

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