And so it begins/ends! Week 1/Week8

Today I completed Day 1 of a 14 week Half Marathon training plan!

Because the end of “I just want to Run – c25k” and the start of my training clash I have decided that I would just do an easy Week 8 of the c25k which according to my plan (Compete or Complete by Jon Ackland) would be Week 1 – Recover, 3 easy runs. (If this makes any sense…)

This, I assume, recovers your body from whatever regular running week you usually complete.  Lets your body repair and re-energise itself before starting into a Build Week.

My Last Run for this week will actually not be so ‘easy’.  I am doing a 15k Trail Run (Tauranga Trail Run) this Sunday, I will have to have a super relax in the beginning of Week 2.

What Half Marathon am I training for?

This one! – AMI Wellington Round the Bays.

I am super excited to have the opportunity/time to train for a Half.  My husband had his leave for this summer approved which means 9 consecutive weeks off.  I am taking my chances where I can get them!  I am going to run… far!

But lets rewind back to ‘I Just want to Run’.  Today we completed Day 1 of Week 8 C25k.  I think we were meant to complete Day 3 of Week 7, but Shell and I thought we might just skip and up the ante a little.

We did well, Shell did awesome!  We rocked out that 28 minutes like no body’s business!  Completing 4.7km, we are well on track for busting that 5k out in 30 mins no sweat!  Well a lot of sweat considering it is Summer Time!

There will be one more ‘IJW2R’ Run Day this week, and 2 next week – 1 of those being the Virtual 5k in support of our Graduation 5k!

These ladies have got it going on!  They inspire me, they impress me, I am glad to have helped 3 other women help reach a life goal!

I have plans to continue running with these ladies hopefully on a regular basis, at the very least once a week.

Onwards and Upwards for my 21.1k!

Race season is quickly approaching us here in NZ, what events are you planning on sinking your teeth into?  And if you are experiencing the Winter blues, how do you keep yourself motivated through the cold months?

Keep up the Pounding,

Jay 🙂



      1. Bugger, need c/c to register and I dont have one. Oh well have e-mailed asking if they have alternate methods of payment. Hope they do so I can complete registration to team Beast!

  1. I signed up for two races last week to kick my winter training into gear – a 5K Santa Dash on 7th December and a 10K on 9th February. This is the best motivation for me, having to make sure I’m ready for the big day.
    Best of luck with the 15K on Sunday! 🙂

    1. Awesome! I am so doing the Santa Dash this year too! Oh and btw, the 9th of Feb is my birthday 🙂 Hope you will be thinking of me as you cross that finish line 🙂
      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Good afternoon Jam Hunt, Geraldine an I have joined a new group here in Wellington Fit4Business. A dynamic group of like-minded people, whom develop and grow their/your business skills and personal aspirations through goal setting. Unique fitness training as an integral part of development both physically and mentally…will bring information with us on Friday for our run Tauranga Trail Run…Beast on…Dad

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