I Just want to Run – Week 7 almost done and dusted!

Things are getting super exciting!

Today we completed Day 2 Week 7!

c25k Day 2 Week 7

Boy did we hit that one out of the park!

25 minutes of continuous run at what I would think to be around 7.30 pace.

Today I got to run with Shell.  We had the opportunity along our run to talk about the Event that we have both entered next Sunday – Smith’s Sports Shoes Tauranga Trail Run.  The event is held to prodominatly raise funds for Tauranga Boys college Cross Country Team but also local schools have been given the opportunity to run Stalls out at the venue where 100% of their profits go back to their respective schools!
I am glad that the money helps support the locals!

Anywho, Shell talked about her abilities to be able to complete the 10km distance and had semi-doubts about how she would perform on the day.  I have also heard over the course of the last half of this c25k process, a few throw away comments from a few of the ladies about their own abilities to complete the full 5k, or other goals they have in mind.  And for once I am able to see how I behave with respect to my current goals and plans and how I perceive my own abilities – more over how others perceive my abilities.

I said to Shell time and time again today that from what I have noticed she will be fine.  I have also said to some of the other ladies that they are doing better than they think.  And me – I get it too, from my own running community – “you will be fine” “you can do it, easy!”.

Sometimes it is only when someone else believes in what you can achieve, can you begin to convince yourself that – well if they said I can, then I must be able to!  Sometimes you do need to be told that you are capable.

In my own case all it took was for one person to say that I could, and so I decided I would!  Call me crazy, call me easily influenced, I call it easy affirmation that then encourages my determination.  My need to get it done, what ever it takes!

We underestimate ourselves all the time, what we need to do is over-estimate and then do the work to get there!

Dream Big, Plan to win, Bust it out, Become a Beast!

It really is quite simple!

2 weeks from this exact day and we will be running our Graduation 5k.  I encourage you to participate!  Join our Virtual 5k in support, walk, run crawl!  If you can’t manage the 5, then do what you can!.
Any and all support is appreciated.  Plus you get to print out and wear this…

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy


My ladies will appreciate it!

Till next time,

Be awesome, Become a Beast!

Jay 🙂


  1. A little bit of encouragement can certainly go a long way, so it’s great that you have such an amazing group to support each other. You’ve all come so far already and with two weeks to go I’m sure you’re all going to ‘beast’ it! Have fun! 🙂

    1. Thanks!
      The ladies are doing great! I wish back when I did c25k, almost a year ago now, that I had a support group just like this! It has been a good experience for both the ladies and I.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. That is awesome! Good luck on your run. =D It will be a blast. And it is awesome to be able to support each other while also supporting the local schools. =D

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