Taking the scenic routes scenic route! On Pimping the Beast!

So according to my Nike app, I have run 14km today.

To be fair, I probably walked about 3-4k of it, I walked a fair bit at the end, and I walked along the way because a) taking photo’s for my dad or b) trying to find my way, choosing which direction to take…


I ran the TBC and Buffalo Girl trails up at the TECT.

I say ‘scenic route’ because it is the biggest trail route mapped out at the TECT.

TECT All Terrain Park

And I say ‘scenic route to the scenic route’ because I accidentally missed a turn off and added about 3.5k to my journey.  I really wished I hadn’t, but meh – I didn’t die!

TBC trail

This is about mid way into the TBC trail.  It is a very short one about 1.5-2k that meets up with the Buffalo Girl.  It is the first part of actual trail that I would experience next Weekend (OMFG NEXT WEEKEND!!!).  The first Kilometre or so would be mostly made up of Road, some of it gravel.

12.10.2013 010

12.10.2013 011

I wasn’t planning on doing such a big distance, but because I wasn’t in a rush to be somewhere or do something for once, I decided I’d take it easy and try get the whole Buffalo Girl done.

I had planned the previous night, to run it hard and to only do a 4.5k there and track back 4.5k.  I had chugged about a quarter of an electrolyte drink after dinner, and another quarter on waking up.  I had a bit of water and had more carbs than I usually would’ve this morning.

Of course because I was enjoying the trail well past 4.5k, I just kept going.

There had been quite a lot more work done to the Park since the last time I had run it, so there was plenty that looked different.  I was at times making it up as I went along.  Trees had been chopped down, roads and trails covered with gravel, new routes dug in, new baby trees planted.  It was very confusing, but I didn’t worry too much about it.  I knew eventually I would come out to the Mountain Bike hub no matter which path I took.

It seems I took the longest possible! GOH!

12.10.2013 019

The baby trees, that I am pretty sure werent there last time I ran this trail…either that or I took the wrong turn off!

12.10.2013 017

SO MUCH FREEKING CUTTY GRASS!!  My legs felt it in the shower! ARCH!

At 45 mins, I decided I would try the Honey Stinger Waffle I had stashed in my running shorts.  It had a slight chocolate flavour, but not enough to make you feel sick, it was semi-sweet and the waffle was plain.  Exactly as I hoped it would be!  I think they were a success.  I actually felt after the 6th and 9th km that I had found a 2nd and 3rd wind, possibly because of the waffle? Not sure, but I hope to train my half with them.

I also took a mini pump bottle of water with me, it was enough I guess, but lets just say by the 11km I was thanking god that there would be water stations on Race Day.

The last few k’s I walked, it was all uphill on gravel road, my trail shoes were good, but not that good.  Plus my glutes, hammys and calves were starting to tighten up, I’d say I probably needed a little bit more fuel for having run almost 2 hours in technical bush.  Especially for someone as novice as I am.

I had kept in a cooler bag another bigger bottle of water and a small chocolate milk.  God I am good!  I needed both!  In fact on the last 2k or so I was dreaming of Pie and Beer! (I have requested both from my family for actual Race Day)  I was so hungry, it was past lunch time and I had expended all I had to give on that trail!  Not to mention the 5k that I quick walked this morning for a secret reason – more about that later!

I will maybe run up at the TECT once more, but I will do the 5k loop.  If not the TECT then definitely up the Mount.

Good day, Feeling energised!  Maybe the fuel and extra hydration did it for me.  I am scared to think about how I will feel tomorrow.  Hopefully as close to Tip Top as I can possibly feel after a 14k ha!

And that my friends, is how I Pimped the Shit out of the Beast! BOOM!

How about you? Any long distances you have up your sleeve today?  Any increases in your strength training?

Till tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Totally hit up 26000 steps today, my most to date! WOOP!



    1. Haha Thanks Arron! My longest and Furthest distance to date! I am happy with it, I didn’t do it fast, but i ran my little heart out and it is not even Race Day!
      This will be you soon enough!

  1. You will be so glad to do that 15 next weekend!!! Today was rest day for me. Doing new LBWO tomorrow morn, picturing myself doing bosu ball squats with a 6kg medicine ball, jump squats and all sorts of excitey new challenges. Hoping for no faceplanting hehe.

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