Run 15k

Ok, 2 weeks out of Race Day,

Time for a playlist!

I don’t think I will need it but I am making one anyway… just in case!

Do you have headphones on while racing?

What do you listen to?

I am a big fan of Podcasts, unfortunately at Ekiden Relay I listened to a really boring podcast that did not leave me inspired, I was lucky I had some awesome scenery to keep me going.

Hit me up with your fav sounds, power songs and inspiring podcasts!

Jay 🙂


  1. Podcasts can be great – though I tend toward the humorous ones like Hamish and Andy… The mind wanders as they go on their tangents, then you realise you’re grinning like a goof ball at everyone you meet!

    Hope you find something to listen to that works well 🙂

  2. I am too lazy to create a proper playlist and I don’t really get time to listen to music very often so I just use Rock My (Which has a free subscription!) and download a free mix every month, I have quiet a few of them now which I use as my workout playlist.

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