Active! but not, but kinda! On Pimping the Beast!

So still feeling a bit craphouse!

And I don’t know why!


I didn’t run, I managed 15 mins of an ab workout and it was freekin hot!  Like ‘nowhere to get cool’ hot!!

I contemplated having a nap when my children went down, but I felt lazy and unproductive if I dared try it.

I didn’t get to INSANITY…again!

I did take my children out for one reason and then it turned out to be for another – they met farm animals!

10.11.2013 049 10.11.2013 045

I stripped the paint off of my kitchen windows and my front door!  There is some nice Rimu wood underneath all of the ghastly white chipped flakey paint.  I plan to sand it back and varnish it.

10.11.2013 060

10.11.2013 059

Now I know this is usually a BOY job, but it won’t get done unless I do it.  The BOY of the house is still overseas, and I have two hands.  I have become very capable!

I have been stripping these windows for two days now, and my arms hurt! …. Arm Day maybe ha!

Maybe it is the fumes from the burning paint… killing my brain cells and making me feel ill.  Who knows!

What I do know is that it wont stop me running with Run Group tomorrow, we are not far from completing the c25k.  I am also just 8 days from starting my official training, cant wait!

Anywho, till tomorrow,

Jay 🙂



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