A Happy Clear Out! On Pimping the Beast!

This is a simple easy one, but I needed it!

I was meant to do some INSANITY today, I had planned to finally get around to getting my sweat on with Shaun T.

I chickened out! ha!  Well I didn’t drop my nuts per-say – I am actually feeling like a wreck after my run with the children yesterday.  I have a feeling that I’m not fueling enough for the activity I am putting in every week and it is starting to catch up on me!  I also had 1 beer last night, I will be pissed if that is why I feel like kaka!

Anywho, I took a day off cardio so INSANITY will have to wait.

I ate really well today, I feel like I have eaten my weight in Baby Spinach over the last few weeks!

Check out my days with MFP – jam_hunt

Even though I didn’t run today I couldn’t just sit around the house and do nothing!  I did a bit of spring cleaning out my drawers!  This was planned for another week or so when I had got to my mini-goal weight of 73kg, but things have just not been sitting right on me for a week or so now, it was time!

I was surprised to find that I could fit most of my pre-baby clothing and some were even too big!!

I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner, I guess when you are one of those mums where the weight just kinda stuck after poppin ’em out, there are times where things just don’t quite look right on you – you spend a lot of time in stretchy pants ha!  I mean to say leggings or tights.  Stuff that kind of has no real ‘size’ and is worn more for comfort than for looks… just like yoga pants!  And because they are comfy/stretchy, you tend not to notice losses as much.  It kind of hides and squishes, and I got real good at shopping for them!

No more shopping for tights!  I can fit my pre-baby pants!

I am glad I had this clear out.  I had gone through my wardrobe a few months ago and was really uplifted to find I could fit almost all of what was in there.  I had dared not go into my drawers at that time, I knew full well that that was where I stored my skinny jeans and the like.

The skinny Jeans are still folded nicely away unfortunately, but nothing a few more Leg Days couldn’t sort.

Anywho, although not Nutrition and Training orientated, it still helped me to keep my head in the game.

That’s how I Pimped the Beast!

When was the last time you cleared out some spaces?  Spring on this side of the world is here, time to get to some Spring cleaning!

See you tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Will get some before and afters soon, my Progress pics page needs a thorough update!

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