Run because you can! On Pimping the Beast!

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After reading a post last night from one of my favorite blogs The Quinquagenarian Runner, written by David Lawrence, I got a wee bit emo.  In this post David writes about results he has received from an MRI which he had shortly after completing his very first full marathon less than a month ago.  “I got the results from my MRI today and it looks like my running career  has come to an end due to Cervical Disk Disease.”

Much in Davids true spirit he replied to the comment I had left him with this – “Thank you so much for your kind words. I may not be able to continue my current path but my passion and determination, my fire to live a fit and healthy lifestyle has not diminished. I’ll just be taking a new path on my journey. There are people who have overcome so much more than what I face.”

This is what I ran for today!

I had to cancel run group for today as I had looked at the forecast yesterday only to find that yes, it was predicted that there was to be more stormy business going on!

Even though I had cancelled run group, I still needed to run!  So I did!

I bundled up my two little balls of toddler chaos joy, belted them up in the stroller, put the rain cover on and went out into the break that the weather had quite conveniently provided for me.

Trailing Toddlers | On a Jam Hunt Blog

On my way I saw a lot more runners than I would usually see on a friday morning…

There was a mum with her stroller and a tiny, what looked like a 5-6 month old baby (Jealous me pushing huge 13kg toddlers), there were a few couples with dogs, a couple of older men and women, a few younger girls, and one quite overweight man all slogging it out, and getting it done!

I felt very comfortable being among all these strangers.  Like for that brief second on passing, we had become best friends.

This morning I was right where I needed to be!  Because there will come a time that I too won’t be able to run, hopefully in the far away future, but you don’t let that stop you right here and right now!

I wish David all the best with his continued journey, and send lots of good vibes for a quick recovery!

As for me…

I PR’d my Stroller run 5k by 2 seconds!  It might not be much, but when you think about it, my children are constantly growing, so I have more resistance to deal with.  This is a great achievement, and I am pretty happy with that!

I actually stepped out the front door with the intention to PR that time, I have stronger legs and am hauling a lot less weight myself, I am fitter and I am faster.  I intended to smash it!  I did, and now I am more encouraged to do it again!

And that’s how I Pimped the Beast today!

How about you?  Ever walked out the door with the intent of creating a PR for yourself? Or the determination to achieve something greater than what you have so far?

Give more, Do more, Be more!

As always, see you tomorrow!

Jay 🙂


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