Squat till you drop! On Pimping the Beast!

Up’ed the Leg Strength training today.

(These are not my legs, mine are far from being this muscular…for now!)

Hammy’s hurt, quad’s hurt, glute’s hurt… and I haven’t even experienced the DOMS from it all yet!

Enjoying it though!

I missed out on a run out at the TECT today, this stormy weather needs to bugger right off!  I even fueled for a hard trail run this morning, when it didn’t happen I was pissed!  I had to control the rest of my Cals to work for the rest of my day. GAH!

I did jump on the Bike this arvo, but not for long, children woke up from nap time early!

Having Endorphin withdrawals already!

Getting in my daily burn is becoming increasingly difficult, but we do our best!

Did you run today?  What was your distance?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂



  1. Yup well I wogged today. Got out there first thing before any ran or crazy thunder happened. I think I did nearly 5km but kinda had a few issues with my watch yelling things at me and telling me the crowd was going wild and OMG I had to kill it a few times coz the crowd wasn’t going wild but my damn watch was!!!!
    I think I have sorted it out for next time lol. Don’t like it bleeping at me!

    1. Lmfao!!! I can imagine you running with a noisy watch haha
      I have Runners FOMO now that you tell me you got a 5k in, Fear of Missing Out! Lol
      That’s some pimping the beast right there Becks, you got it going on! Xo

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