Go anyway! On Pimping the Beast!

Not sure what Pimping the Beast is?  Read about it here

So this morning started out pretty darn grimm!

Last night there was a horrendous downpour that carried on into the late morning.  No Run group today 😦

Forecast said that it was due to clear up in the arvo… it did!

Good enough to run!

Except I had no one to watch the twinlets so that I could go for a run.

I took them with me!

All 30 something kilos worth!

It has been months since I have run with the children, and because it was 2pm the heat was at its highest.

I sweated my nuts off!

But I did it, and I said I would get in some runs with the children.

I experienced a huge hill, which I had to push them up, I did it, and I am glad I got in my 5k today.

The old me would’ve thought – na can’t do it, it isn’t easy enough, I have to do it in public, the children are too heavy, I will have to walk too much, it’s too hot, i’ll do it tomorrow.

That is not me anymore, there are fewer and fewer excuses that orbit my atmosphere, I have goals and plans, and sitting on my ass isn’t going to get me there!!

Today I ate well, hydrated well, ran surprisingly well.

And my pick of sounds to run with today…

Gonna break my rusty cage….. and run!

Love this Running Bug!

What did you do to Pimp the Beast today?

Jay 🙂

P.S. I earned this post run recovery snack…

Post run Recovery Snack | On a Jam Hunt Blog

And while the kids weren’t looking….

Cooling Feet | On a Jam Hunt Blog

18 days till race day!  I am almost ready!!


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