I’m Sore! – on Pimping the Beast

Got a bad case of the DOMS! and I don’t mean that in the kinky way!

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness!

Abs, Glutes, Hammy’s, Quads and Calves!! (Thanks Colin!! 😉 )

I was too scared to run today!

Instead I did this…

It was very similar to the Yoga Practice for Runners, but longer.

It was the only thing I could muster after having slept so poorly and as I am still recovering from my Ab and Leg Days.

I kept to my Daily Calories and even managed to sneak in the last Heiney that was hiding in the back of the Fridge.
Decided I would pop it for my friend Glenn who’s birthday it is today!… Which I thought I would enjoy in the last bit of sunshine that the day had to offer,child free even! (Love 7pm bed times)  😀

Last Heiney | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I am headed for some good weightloss come Monday I reckon!  I have been really good, and I feel really good.

I have been eating as clean as I can manage, it even tastes pretty good too!  I have mostly taken some of my favorite meals/foods and made them as clean as poss!

Anywho,  How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Are you planning to have a few coldies this weekend?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Some of my buds are running the Auckland Marathon/Half Marathon this weekend – Glenn, Shannon and Janey…
These are the race signs that I will be holding up Virtually…

Grumpy cat finish line Grumpy cat tired legs

They are totally gonna Smash it!!  Run long my friends!! xoxo



    1. Hahaha you are hilarious!!!
      No pain no gain right?
      Oh well it’s all for the greater good! I’ve got me some nice quads developing so I guess I can get over myself lol
      Thanks for reading, liking, reblogging and commenting! I haven’t had this much action from one person since the hubby left a week ago for work hahaha
      Beast on!

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