Pimping the Beast 30.10.2013 – A Crush on running

You know that feeling you get when you are in the beginning days of a relationship.  The butterflies you feel in your tummy and the nervousness you get from just being around that other person…?

Yeah I had that, again! and Gosh did I Pimp out the Beast today!  It had bling and everything!

It has been months since I have been out to the TECT Park for a decent trail run, and today I finally got out there 3 weeks shy of my 15k event.  Here is my run…

TBC/Buffalo Girl | On a Jam Hunt Blog

A bit missing, but you get the jist.

I gotta tell ya, all I could think of last night and this morning was getting out there and running it again.  I was trying to re-call the bends and dips and the differing terrains all in one course of which is named Buffalo Girl.

I took my friend Amy out there, she was a Buffalo Girl Virgin before today.  We had run the Te Rerenga trail plenty of times before, almost once a week at one stage, but never had we struggled together through the Buffalo Girl.

The Cutty grass that cut Amy's leg which made her holla a weird noise, that scared me and had me actual jumping very high in the air!

The Cutty grass that cut Amy’s leg which made her holla a weird noise, that scared me and had me actual jumping very high in the air!

The Buffalo Girl trail is about as complex as Te Rerenga, but on a bigger scale.  Steeper hills, streams, long gradual ups and downs, elephant graveyards…

Today we completed about 4k (4 there and 4 back, didn’t allow enough time to thrash the whole lot) of the 15k distance that my Trail run in November will call for.  I gotta tell ya, because I don’t get a heap of child-free time between and now to train for the event, I know that the last 5k is going to be somewhat like a semi-suicide mission and I will be running on pure mental grit!

If you have followed me for long enough, you will know that the longest distance I have completed in an event is 10k – and that was road running.  I am just going to give it all I got, and hope the land goes easy on me!

I have my dad for moral support on event day, he will be running alongside me.  I said that he can just go on ahead and run his race, but he said he’d like to hang around.  I am probably going to need it ha!

I also Wogged (Walk/Jog) this morning with my run group and surprisingly my feet are feeling good, no pain what so ever, both pairs of shoes are winners so far!

I really love that moment where you feel like you have come so far in your run, realising that months before you could not complete such feats yet here you are brushing it off like it is just another day at the office.  The first time I ran out at the TECT I was sore for days after… today – nothing. YUSS!!

So what did you get up to today? and how did you Pimp the Beast?

See ya tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel 😉

Jay 🙂


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