PTB 29.10.2013 – Cross training my Off day

Not sure what Pimping the Beast is? … cruise on back to this post to find out, then quickly come back 🙂

I finally got the Bike Trainer set up down stairs.  I even gave it a whirl!

Indoor Bike Trainer | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I only did about 10 mins because I had to get the driveway hedge trimmed before my children woke from their arvo nap.

These days my children sleep less, so I get less time to do things around the house.  And because it is Spring, shit just grows like crazy!  We are having to mow our lawns almost twice a week rather than every fortnight or so.  While Hubby is away I must keep up with the maintenance.  Ya know… with the boy jobs and all!

Anywho, back to the Bike Trainer, I don’t want to sound like the most Rookie person out there, but I still don’t get how to operate the gears…. it’s not really like driving a car and its kinda pissing me off!

I just kinda fiddled around till I got it at a good resistance and went from there.

It is kinda loud seeing as I have a semi-slick on thanks to one of my MFP buddies, But its not super loud – well the kids still slept through it anyway.

I don’t get to run today, I run with my group on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays while the hubby isn’t home.  I want to try get out with the kiddies in their stroller an extra day during the week, I’ll have to consult my planner and fit something in.  But while I am on off days I am glad I have another way to fit in some exer-ma-size!

I still need to give INSANITY a go, and I need to organise my strength training…still!  I will have to research that tonight!

Well that’s my deed done for today,

How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Have you tried a new type of cross-training lately?

Jay 🙂


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