I Just Want to Run – Half Way

Our group has lessened as the weeks have gone on, but I will make sure to see it through to the end.

Today we completed Week 5 Day 2 of the C25k programme – Jog 8 min/Walk 5 min/Jog 8 min with 5 min Warm up and Cool down.

The faster paced group is averaging around 4.2k now, and around 3.6k for the slower paced group.

28.10.2013 046

We have planned to complete Day 2 of Week 5 once more before tackling Day 3 which is a full 20 min Jog.

I think some of the ladies are slightly nervous about the 20 min Jog, but I think if they just lessen their pace, they will be able to get through the full 20 non-stop without too much trouble.

I may join the slower paced group for support for Day 3, to help get them through the tough bits.

After this week we will have just 2 more weeks of the programme left to complete.  I expect we will spread it over the remainder of November.  I know by the time we finish the full programme the group will be able to jog a full 30 mins/close to 5k.

It is getting closer, and I am super excited for each and everyone of the I Just Want to Run ladies.  They will all be completing a full 5k in no time… they may actually like it too!

Spreading the Running bug!

Jay 🙂



    1. Well done on your completion of the programme, you must be chuffed with what you have achieved!
      The ladies in my group are definitely surprised at what they have achieved, I can’t wait for them to experience that runners high!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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