PTB 26.10.2013 – or not…

Today was an abortion! My cat threw up at 4am in three different places down my hallway carpet, my children fought all morning – ending in tears and bite marks on skin, my husband and I had a disagreement. It all quickly turned to shit all before 10am!

Today I took a day off Pimping the Beast. Instead I drank Margarita’s and relaxed in the spa with my children – lets just call it a Mental Health Day!

Back into it tomorrow!

How did you Pimp the Beast today? Did you have a day off too?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂


  1. Lol loved reading this.. Sounds like a shit morning and certainly a good reason to pull out the margaritas and relax in the spa! It’s called life, you fall over occasionally but always get back up and keep moving forward 🙂 xx

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