PTB 21.10.2013 – Doin it for Kicks!

It is Labour Weekend and there are sales galore!

So I got me some new kicks!

I was well-overdue for some, my old Adidas Marathons have been expired for well over 3 months now but I love how light they are and how good it feels to connect my feet/toes with the ground.

Unlike the other pair of Sauconys, while they may be a good shoe – I don’t think that they are a good shoe for me.  We are going back to this Arch pain with these shoes, also they have always felt super heavy to run in, like big pillows of heavy cushioned fluff(cement)!!  I have never really been too comfortable in them, although being told that they were the right shoe for my feet… gah!  I don’t know… we will give this new lot a go!

So without further a do –

24.10.2013 005

24.10.2013 007

When I got home, only then did I realise that they had coordinating colours…weird!

Anywho, the Left pair are Road Shoes, and are for an Over-pronater, They seem more comfortable than the Saucony’s and are also super light and less Bulky – love that!

The Right pair are Trail shoes, which I hope to race in come November, So I really need to start breaking them in.  I know blisters are part of a runners life, but I will avoid them if I can!

I have never tried New Balance brand before, I hope these work out.  I am not a label basher so I don’t migrate toward the most popular brand, what ever is comfortable and what ever works is what I buy.  I have to run in these baby’s for the next 6 months (if they don’t wear out sooner) so I wouldn’t compromise function for style (or colour for that matter – not a big fan of pink!)

Run day tomorrow with the running group, I plan to take the newbies out for a whirl.  I will be doing very short wog (Walk/Jog), max of 20 mins so it will be nice for a first outing… the Group are actually in the middle of Week 5 of the c25k and still seem to be enjoying the increasing intensity.  We are officially half way, will do another update of my Running group (I Just want to Run!) at the end of the week.


How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Are your running shoes up to par?

Catch ya tomorrow,

Jay 🙂


  1. Awesome shoes. I like the left ones 🙂

    On a serious note, I really like my Saucony and over all prefer them to New Balance. However, I find New Balance are more comfortable on the treadmill. Let me know what you think of them. I have been thinking of getting a new pair for a while and your thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Yes I will 🙂 I know saucony have some if the best shoes available these days, thing is they didn’t have a good pair for ‘me’ at the Pod. I do hope these work out, otherwise it’s another trip for orthotics 🙂

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