PTB 22.10.2013 – Detoxing the Pantry!

If you have been following the last few days of my blog, you would find a few things that involve food.

I am working on detoxing my pantry – in the form of SNACKS!

Today I made up a few of these baggies…

Snacks | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I have very little garbage left in my pantry… not that it is tidy, it is still a bit of a mess, but there is no garbage!  Not for me and not for my kids.  They are going to hate me for it, but meh, I am helping them to live longer!
Actually I do recall a comment from my daughter all of 22 months old when observing and tasting a plate full of vegetables and calling them “YUCKY!”  It kind of struck a nerve when I know full well that she has become accustomed to colourful, sugary, sickly sweet treats.  Veges do not tempt her palate.  I am working on this!

Anywho,  today’s baggies consist of some good quality Dark Chocolate chips (here is me trying to prolong that chocolatey taste), some pumpkin seeds and a snack bar divvey’d up –  of which I found a packet hidden behind the huge bag of brown rice that has too become forgotten.  These baggies come to 141 cals each

Slowly sifting through the contents of my pantry, and making sure not to re-stock it with any more filth!

Also – every day of this week has involved the Grilling of Dinner (on the BBQ)- no extra fat added, thank you summer!

How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Maybe try a bit more grilling?!

See you tomorrow

Jay 🙂



  1. Love this! You are really getting super organised! Today was rest day for me so no exercise but tonight I am cooking din dins for tomorrow night. Will be home late tomorrow night so want to be able to come home, heat then eat. Miss 14 will be tired and starving too after 75 minutes of swimming so have to be organised. Pretty sure my Thursday and Friday lunches are now sorted as well.

    1. Yuss!! I’m glad you are continually Pimping the Beast too! More people need to adopt tiny changes, they really do make a difference!
      I have found so far that spaces in my house feel lighter and so my mood feels lighter and I am more motivated to make good choices and decisions. I feel a whole life detox coming on!
      Thanks for reading Becks 🙂 xo

      1. I know how you feeling, being organised and making tiny changes really do make a difference. I need to work on folding laundry!!! I am a shocker with folding laundry, I hate it. But I also hate seeing it sitting there waiting to be folded and put away, it’s actually really draining and I do feel organised and motivated to achieve when I do something as simple as folding and actually putting away the damn laundry. Not only declutters the environment but the mind as well.

  2. Rest day for me as well. Lunch and snacks all ready to go for tomorrow as working out of the office, I will not get caught up in the buying my lunch and risking there not being healthy options near where we are working 🙂 I used to make little snack packs like those with dried fruit and nuts in then, they were so good to have in the drawer at work.

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