PTB – 21.10.2013 Idiot Proofing Breakfast

It is not everyday that I wake up ready to Punch the day in the face.

It usually takes me at least an hour or so before any of that business arises in my brain.

In that hour or so any number of bad decisions can be made regarding Breakfast choices.

I have decided to make Breakfast Time Idiot Proof!

There are quite a few movements involved in making my ideal healthy breakfast.

I get out bowls, utensils, Mugs etc, then I get out Oats, Chia seed and yogurt.  I then proceed to measure out accurately with measuring cups the required amount of oats, then place bowl on top of scales to measure in exactly 15g of Chia Seed.  Another accurately measured half cup of yogurt goes in before nuking for 30 secs.  In that 30 secs a kiwifruit is pealed and sliced ready to put on top of Oats. Beep Beep Beep, chuck in the fruit, make cup of tea, then sit down to eat.

While I make my breakfast I am eagerly watching the children as they chow down to their 3 step breakfast – bowl/spoon, cereal, milk, just in case they decide to have milk fights or go to slurp bowls and miss their mouths.  This happens almost everyday and I am left with a lake of milk on both floor, table and children during clean up 😦
Mothers are quite proficient at this multi-tasking skill, but at times are too slow to save themselves from massive clean up!

Some days all this just seems to be a whole lot of BLAH to me.  I want a 3 step breakfast sometimes too!

So I am making my breakfast Idiot Proof!  I am making it so damn easy, that I would be an idiot to get it wrong, by ‘it’ I mean making good breakfast choices!

Pouring Chia! | On a Jam Hunt

Me Pouring Chia…  I didn’t really want to be in the pic!!  and it was meant to be of the chia falling out of the bag into nicely measured Oats… (That’s husbands for ya!!)

Measure chia | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Pre-measured Chia and Oats!  All ready for the yogurt to be put in the night before, so it only needs to be nuked and a bit of fruit chucked at it.  Simplification for the Win!

21.10.2013 021

And that is how I Pimped the Beast today…

How did you PTB today??

Jay 🙂

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