Pimping the Beast (PTB) – 20.10.2013 Planning to win!

Not sure what ‘Pimping the Beast’ is?  Check out this post here!

Today I am getting the ‘weightloss’ show back on the road.  How am I doing this?  I am Planning to win!

They say Failing to Plan is a Plan to fail… and I am not about to fail this far in the game.  So I got smart, and have planned out my week of eating.  Most of it is worked around what I have got going on next week, because the Hubby is home from work for just one short week we have managed to cram a smilyum and one things in just 6 days!

This means we are eating out for a few of the days this week – we like to go on a date (spew noise) every time he is home, which works out to be at least once every 6 weeks, and sometimes can end up being once every 2 months.

Also it is hubby’s birthday tomorrow, so I am taking him out for lunch.  Otherwise I have planned out roughly my calorie intake over the remaining meals of each day.

As you can see from my pic, it is not a pretty made up thing using colour-coding, far from some highlighted and post-it noted wonderful works of art.  Nope I am kicking this thing black and white, I ‘aint got time’ for the the rest!

Meal Plan | On a Jam Hunt Blog

And if you took a really close look you would see that I actually added my children’s snacks to this too.

My wee family all eat a different breakfast as well, so don’t go thinking that I eat 3 breakfast’s!

This also helped with doing the supermarket shopping and filling the cupboards, I only get what I need, no naughty stuff!  I do my grocery shop online, so I only get what I order, no impulse items!
As you can imagine with 2 toddlers, it is not a fun thing to go to the supermarket and fill a trolley!

Anywho, it only took me a half hour to figure out the meal plan and less time to order it online.  Got my week sussed, no thinking required now!

How have you Pimped the Beast today?  And if you haven’t started, Monday is always a great place to start 🙂

Run day Monday YEOW!, See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

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