Pimping the Beast – 19.10.2013 Squeaky Clean!

What is Pimping the Beast??? Find out here!

I am preparing for the mother of all Clean Summers!

Today I made the final purchases to supplement my Spring/Summer harvest.  I bought lettuces and Chili’s to get the show on the road.  2 weeks ago I also planted a beast of an amount of different veg and herbs to keep things relatively cheap and hopefully tasty.  When cooking clean I have a hard time trying to inject flavour.  This Summer it is my mission to Cook well and Eat well and be satisfied!

Eating Clean | On a Jam Hunt Blog

In my haul

–  Cherry Tomato
–  Heirloom Tomato
–  Broccoli
–  Capsicum
–  Spinach
–  Cucumber
–  Zucchini
–  Beetroot
–  Lettuces
–  Chili
–  Herbs – Mint (I will try to keep away from the Mojitos!), Basil, Sage, Coriander (which I really suck at trying to grow, lets hope it doesn’t die this time!!!)

In the garden I already have some beets which can be grown year round, Snap beans, Rosemary and Chives.  Oh and the neighbors passion-fruit that grows through the fence dividing us, to produce our own sneaky horde!  We also have a well established Tangelo tree, a 2 year old Lime tree and we share a lemon tree with the neighbours.

Now of course I could buy any of these things from the supermarket for almost about the same as I could grow them for, but I know there would be a higher likelihood for me to consume the veg if I were to grow it myself.  I know a lot of people don’t have the luxury of time to be able to grow from seed and then plant, tend to and harvest a veg garden, to be Frank, I could be out Gardening in my backyard while my children play, or I could be sat inside watching T.V. wishing that I had some fizzy refreshing bevey and sickly sweet snack to mindlessly munch on!

We are turning a new leaf people!

But ya know, I am going to be realistic, there are always going to be ‘those’ days, so I am not going to tell myself that there is no such thing as Beer, Cocktails and the filthy cheese burger from any number of takeaway chains.  I don’t want to be on here 2 weeks down the track telling the world that my attempts failed, ha!

Anywho, What did you do today to Pimp the Beast?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Check out this sign that was on the bird cage at the Plant shop… cracked me up!

Bird Cage sign | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Of course they were joking when they say it will kill you, it is just an attempt to keep rowdy children off of the bitey bird cage ha!


    1. Any herb is good to grow in a small space, you just need to keep pruning it back, it is funny with herbs – I used to think that constant clipping back of the plant will cause it to die, but quite the opposite!!
      Beetroot doesn’t require a lot of space and you can easily grow a capsicum plant in a pot, just requires a stake to tie it too to keep it from bending over from heavy fruit. Lettuces don’t take up too much space and if you get the kind that you can just take a few leaves off at a time, then you will always have a fresh salads!
      I am not a super green finger type of person, so any plant shop man/lady can help with the massive range of fruit and veg for small spaces 🙂
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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