Pimping the Beast – 18.10.2013 Pimping the Distance!

I did it!

I registered for the 15k distance in the Tauranga Trail Run today.

I went into Smiths Sports Shoes today to get a second opinion on some shoes I bought a wee bit ago, I think they are some of the reason for why my foot is acting up.  I had a good perve on all of their shoes before registering for the event.  I was going to be a wuss and do the 10k because I knew the route well and I knew I could do quite well at it.

I have once before completed about 11k of the 15k route and I enjoyed it, but there are huge differences in difficulty, I will have to man up about it!

I am 6 weeks out from this event, so I plan to get in at least 3-4 runs on parts of the 15k route.  This option of the event runs over the Buffalo Girl Trail, I really enjoy it, but like I said it is tougher.

I have no idea what time I would be able to do this in, I guess this would be my benchmark.

I am doing this event with my Dad, he just bought some neat trail shoes yesterday, this would be our very first run together and he will be bringing his new kicks to the party!

So today I pimped out that 10k and turned it into 15…

How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Jay 🙂

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