Pimping the Beast – 17.10.2013 Jars of Stuff and Things!

Day One

To get myself off to a choice start I thought I’d clear some spaces!  Starting with my Refrigerator!

Who knew how many Jars and Bottles of Things and Stuff you could cram into such a small space!

Jars of Stuff and Things | On a Jam Hunt Blog

As I emptied and wiped, cleaned and tidied I realised that I have a sauce, dressing or paste for everything!!

I have pickled this and brine’d that!  Jams and Jelly’s!  I have 4 different types of mustard and 3 different kinds of cheese!  I must have had some pretty alright party’s to have accumulated such an assortment of stuff!!

Anywho, now that it is all organised I have gained a wee bit of inspiration to use some of the Jarred and Bottled things.

And just so you know… The beer and Bacon stays!!! I may be crazy, but I am not Insane!

Clearing Spaces! | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Oh and I found that thing that was making the fridge smell a little funky…ICK!!

Living the Good life – Now your turn!  How have you Pimped the Beast today?

Jay 🙂


  1. Having just discovered BBC Lifestyle I’m watching The Great British Bake-Off for the first time, while icing my foot. Luckily, I’m far too lazy to ever bake anything myself so it’s a calorie-free pleasure;) Well done on sorting the fridge.

    1. Oh Gosh, I love to bake! Which is why I used to be the size that I was! I think I have seen a few episodes of that show, they make some amazing things!
      Thanks For reading 🙂

  2. HAHAHA! Every few months I clear out all the random jars and bottles – I don’t remember buying 18 jars of pickles and then eating about 2 pickles out of each jar – but clearly I do 🙂

    1. Encouraging as always lol
      I actually drank one while cleaning out the fridge. It was ‘one of those’ jobs!
      Oh well it’s done… On to the next thing. Loved your last post btw 🙂

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