Pimping the Beast

We are not too far away from 2014, so close in fact that it is scary.

So far this year I think I have done more right than wrong in terms of my health and fitness, all leading toward some bigger goals in the Race season that is quickly approaching.
I don’t overly think that I had set any firm New Years resolutions for this year, just to make incremental positive changes health wise.

I do have some small goals left for this year, they are newly found, semi-necessary for my events during Summer.  Only thing is I am being complacent.  I am bad at being complacent!  The trouble is that I am comfortable in my skin, I am happy(ish) with my body, I have achieved some good things up till now.  I need to stop being comfortable!

I worked quite hard to get to my “Overweight” goal and now I need to work into peeling off those last kilos purely so that I am hauling less on a run.

Everything I do these days either involves my kids or is geared up toward my run – fueling for my run, getting light for my run, buying clothes/shoes for my run, making time for my run… I don’t call it obsessed… I call it “Life”!

But here is where this post is going…

I want to do well at my Half, I want to do better than I have been so far.
I run an average 7-7.30 pace, which is kinda slow, but it is faster than what it used to be.  I want to work on getting quicker!
To do this I feel like I need to lose a bit more weight so that there is less pressure on my knees and hips, the places that start to ache after continuous road pounding.  It is probably not super necessary that I lose this weight, but I want to have as positive experience with my training as possible.  If I did nothing to prepare, and then had a shit experience, I am likely to beat myself up about not having done anything about it sooner!

So this is where I need your help…

I am planning to post here every day for the next month and a half (the time between now and when I start my Half training).  I am going to try to make one small (or big) change everyday for the rest of this time, and maybe for the rest of the year if I don’t get too busy around December.

I am usually great at self-motivating, but my complacency has got me in a small funk.  I think I am often seen as the one doing the motivating, and not usually needing the motivation myself, but I guess I am asking for that little push…

I need you all to do this with me!  I want you to Pimp the Beast too!  By this, I want you to comment under every daily post about something small/big that you have done to better your life/health/fitness for the remainder of the year!  I want us all to be pimped out before the year end so that there is little to none of the same resolutions we made last year.

Now this can be as simple or as hard as you want it to be – Stick to your daily calorie recommended intake, reduce your alcohol consumption, take up a yoga class once a week, wear matching sport socks for your run, instead of lite milk change to trim, eliminate sugar from you daily cup of joe/tea, run an extra mile/metre/lamp-post, go to bed an extra half hour, eat a ‘clean’ meal once a week/day, walk the stairs instead of the lift, skip during your ad breaks, watch less T.V., eat at the dinner table, drink all 8 glasses of water a day, bike to work…

I could go on and on.  Make one small positive change everyday!

When I post my small step for the day, I want you to comment with your small step too, I want you to do this alongside me!!

So, will you make some daily positive changes with me…?

Come Pimp your Beast!

Jay 🙂



  1. Everyday?! That’s just too much. I’m eating a big cake and drinking coke right now as I write! 🙂 Btw, I think if you run longer, you will lose the weight. Then you will be match-fit for your shorter races.

    1. Haha, you crack me up! CAKE happens to be one of my favs!
      I don’t think it is too much, it can be the smallest thing.
      And I am working on running long, it is about finding the time being a semi-single mum of twins 🙂
      I’m giving it all a crack anyway 🙂
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Good evening…One day at a time with one foot in front of the other, sounds like a beast way to go…Dad

    On 16/10/2013 20:18, On a J

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