Limber up!

Oh My Lord!  Am I Limber or what!

I have been thinking about investing in some yoga on the advice of my Chiro, to work on my balance and flexibility.

More importantly to work on stretching out my hips regularly after having issues with hauling the weight during a twin pregnancy.  My hips are still not 100% and it is affecting my running in a big way!

If you had read some of my last posts you would know that I am suffering from arch pain, more specifically Posterior Tibial Tendonitis.  I have suffered this before, and right before blaming my shoes during a conversation today with one of my running Mama’s from my Group I Just want to Run, Jo – she mentioned that most issues with your feet are usually stemmed from an area higher up.  She is most probably right, it has just taken me too long to get my A into G!

Anywho, on logging into my WordPress last night and scrolling through my Reader I came across this – Yoga Practice for Runners a post by Fit For a Year.

I straight away got on to the you-tube clip and felt immediate relaxation and looseness!  I just completed it again 15 minutes ago after sitting out on the Run today because of my dumb foot!
Even if you are not into Yoga, but you are totally into running give this a try, you really wont regret it!  It only takes up to 20ish minutes and may help you to adjust to a more correct running form.

I must give the credit to the writer of Fit for a Year Blog for posting it first, thanks thanks thanks!

So along with my Arch Enemy – Foot stretches and Strengthening Exercises for the Runners Body Shop, I will be completing this 20min Yoga exercise to hopefully experience less injury in the future!

Will give you updates on how I go,

Go get Amongst it!

Jay 🙂


  1. I’m right now icing my feet after my first run attempt in almost 4 weeks. Wow, was it good to get back to a bit of pace, though I could feel how my fitness has suffered 😦 I’m still working with a physio to strengthen my hips and ankles, three times a week.Will try this yoga thing some time today. Tnx for posting it:)

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