I am officially OVERWEIGHT!

Now, in any normal situation this would be a cause for concern!

But for me quite the opposite.

This morning I stepped out of what would be medically termed “obese” and stepped into “overweight”ville!

30.09.2013 049

Weigh in day today had me jumping up and down like a tween’aged girl, on the inside that is.  It is funny because what I feel inside, more often than not is not what I express on the outside.  When it comes to my weight I kind of have that feeling like I need to wait till the next good loss before I can get excited about the last one.  In my mind it only means something if I have beaten it and celebrating prematurely can often leave me with guilt if I go backwards again.

Any who, you may have read in early posts that I kicked my 6 month plateau just recently, I have once again worked to get the scales heading in a downward movement.  And I am feeling good!

The last scale reading had me at 77kg.  Today’s read 76.2kg.  I am going to have to keep challenging myself.

30.09.2013 052

I do have a lot of my MyFitnessPal friends to thank for my continued motivation and loss.  Us NZ users of MFP have a private Facebook group where we bounce ideas off each other, congratulate each other, console and motivate, listen and talk.  I have never met a more supportive bunch of people as these.  We are in something challenging together and we celebrate victory together!

This week I have no major changes to my plans.  My running group is in full swing now, all the ladies are doing so well.
My Intermittent Fasting is going well, I hardly notice it as 16:8 (16 hour fast, 8 hour feeding window) has become normal routine in my house.  I am eating a lot cleaner these days, when I do my shop I do my best to avoid things that come out of the center isles.  My children are also reaping the benefits of a cleaner diet.  For a wee bit there I was feeding them a lot of processed ‘out of the box’ kind of foods purely for convenience.  They are learning that they get exactly what mum eats, which means less sugar, more veg, less fat – more goodness!

All in all, what I am doing to achieve what I have is all sensible and simple.  Keeping to my calorie allowance, eating more of the good stuff, less of the shit stuff and regular exercise.  It is not rocket science, it is just stuff that makes sense.  My hope is that it sticks, I don’t want to go back!

Roll on for another good week,

Happy Monday everyone,

Jay 🙂


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