I Just want to Run – Week 2

Door Step | On a Jam Hunt BlogThis is what my door step is looking like 3 mornings a week.  And then there are the vehicles in the drive and the car seats in those vehicles.  We are a very happening group!

Week two although being a bit wishy washy bought forth some great improvements.  Even after just 1 week both pace and distance improved slightly.  Distances increasing from an average of 3.5k to 3.8k.  Almost a full 2 minutes increase in pace on the majority of the runs.  So even though our structure was rocked a little, we still made good progress!

What was it that rocked our structure?
A little bit of confusion within the group.  Wont go in to too much detail, but to lessen or eliminate the confusion, I came up with Runner Etiquette for our group.  Most of it is the usual practices/guidelines followed by the World wide Running community.  I also threw a little spin on a few points to cater it to our group.

Let me tell you, even though it is just a group, not a club, not an organisation, Leadership does play a key role. There still needs to be that one driving force among the team to show the way and I have also learnt that even though we are all adults and can follow instruction, there still needs to be systems and processes put in place to ensure progress.
Seems weird to have to run my group like it were a business.  Not overly the effect I was going for, but it is necessary.  So I have appointed another leader to help enforce this with in the group.  As I said we are split into two groups – One run, One child mind and then swap.  I chose my friend and ex-colleague Aimee.  We had exactly the same role in our professional lives so have similar skill sets when it comes to organisation and leadership.  We think alike, problem solved, it works.

As Week two was a bit all over the place – Running a group of Week 1 people (due to a number of new people joining) and a Group of week 2 people, I have made the decision to start everyone off next week on the same level re-doing Week 2 together.  I’ll also be splitting the group into Pace groups so that those who want to keep it steady and manageable will cruise in one group.  Then the others who would like to ramp it up a little more and feel a bit more challenged will make up the other.
It was nice to have the two weeks to observe each individuals abilities.  Even though I have said that it is ‘just a group’  I do still feel responsible for each persons progress, I want them all to succeed!

So as we move on to Week 2 Take 2, I am really looking forward to feeling that burn in my chest again, something that I have missed with my running, that feeling of my own progress being pushed along with these ladies, its going to be a cracker!

I am feeling re-energised after my running efforts from this week, and I am excited for what is to come with the remaining quarter of this year.  The worlds a lighter and brighter place with running (even though it doesn’t always feel like it at the time ha!)

Keep up the pounding!

Jay 🙂

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