You know you’re a runner when…

…you describe the supermarket as being 7.4k away from your home.  This from my friend Glenn 🙂

Today I endured 3 short runs, more like Wogs (Walk/Jog) really, but felt amazing anyway!

After running the “I just want to Run” group this morning of which was about 3.8k, I had time to spare before having to get in the car and drive a little over 100km to pick up a Bike trainer I had bought, and also to catch up with my friend Glenn.
And what to do with spare (child-free) time but to run some more.  Right now I wont go too much into it, but I had planned to do two 5k runs both in different areas of Tauranga.  Both ended up being a lot less than I had first envisioned.  The first of these two was 4.2 and the second was 3.8.  I just kept running out of continuous path/trail/road to run.  I was also clock watching.
This was slightly disappointing to not be able to find some good continuous routes to run purely because there was a reason I was running them (still secret squirrels on that one!).  But the running and scenery itself felt so great.  I was glad to be back out, running mostly for the sake of running!  There wasn’t anything else I would rather do with that time!

All in all I covered a total of 11.8k, which isn’t bad considering I have been flirting with 4k runs for the last 2 weeks and at max have only completed one 5k in a very long time!
Anyway numbers aside, I am looking forward to telling you why I ran these extra routes very soon!  Just not right now 🙂

I bought the indoor bike trainer on online auction, I bought it because I have plans of starting my training for a Half Marathon in Dec (AMI Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon), and because of my unique situation – I can’t always get out to train in the time leading up to mid-Dec.
I also met up with friend Glenn, we had a great catch up – talking about great times to come.  In exactly 2 weeks in fact!  The Ekiden Relay in Rotorua.  Its going to be super exciting!

I have mentioned in posts before, Glenn is training for the Tarawera Ultramarathon next March.  He is truly an inspiration to me!  Always encouraging and super helpful in regards to my training.  He let me borrow a book of his ‘Complete or Compete Half Marathon’ by Jon Ackland.  I am excited to get into it!  I do realise that I need to bring my fitness and mileage up significantly before even attempting the Training Plan I have acquired.

I also just realised that the distance I drove to get to Hamilton to see Glenn was just over the distance that he will be running next year. AMAZING!
One day I will be doing this!  Even if it kills me!  Well no, not even if it kills me, but something to the same effect – without the dying!

Pics from my beautiful runs today…  The Lakes and Gordon-Carmichael Reserve

The Lakes Stairs | On a Jam Hunt Blog The Lakes | On a Jam Hunt Blog Gordon-Carmichael Reserve | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I know this post is a mish mash of thoughts, feelings and words.  I just needed to put down in a round about way how good I feel about running right now!

You know you’re a runner when – your idea of a great day is putting on foot in front of the other… with some pace on it!

Have a Beast of a weekend!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  My mum just told me that she is starting to enjoy her running too, Love you mum, Proud of you! xo


    1. Yes lol I understand that a Wog is something completely different in Aussieland, I’m not sure if it’s an offensive word or not?
      Slowly but surely my wogs will eventually be actual runs! 🙂 non-stop runs!

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