I Just Want to Run – Week 1

I told my people I would sum up our weeks via my blog.  I have got to tell ya, running for yourself is fulfilling in its own right, but running for others really feeds my soul!

We are six mamas so far, all with wee ones roughly around the same age, go figure!
We are all at differing levels of fitness ranging from – Haven’t run ever, all the way to Ran before I got pregnant and then life happened!

The consensus from this past week is that the group is a great idea.  I am glad to be in a position where I can give others this opportunity.  The chance to run!

Week one started off slow and steady.  A 5 min brisk walk for warm up, 60 sec Jog then 90 sec walk for a total of 20 mins, then a 5 min warm down walk.
These ladies have surprised me!  I think back to when I first gave c25k a pop, I felt like I was dying and thought that running was just not for me.  I see that these ladies don’t have these same feelings, their dying has been replaced with excitement and endorphin’s, I am slightly jealous at their enthusiasm haha  unless of course they secretly die on the inside, sneaky!
Each and every person that has given it a go has my up most respect.  It is not easy to commit to this kind of change, especially when it seems that in the scheme of things just as I said before, life happens, things get in the way, there are plenty of excuses to adopt and convince yourself of, there are plenty of reasons for why you just couldn’t find the time, and there is always that nervousness in your gut that plagues you with thoughts of “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  These ladies, these runners have chosen to “do it today!”

Here is our progress so far…  (The September results only – 2 groups at 3 runs each)

22.09.2013 074

You can see where there is a slight jump in the second to last run – I didn’t hear the ‘halfway’ being announced so we just kept running.  We covered almost 6km in that run, I had stopped it just after the 5km mark sounded but My friend Melissa recorded it to be 5.9km.  It was a taxing day for this group, but they had the weekend to recover, I promised it wouldn’t happen again haha

I estimate that we will build this up closer to the 4km mark in week 2 where we crank it up to 90 sec jogging, 2 mins walking.

I plan to also run week 1 of the programme again next week (My friend Melissa will take week 2, I will hang out with the Week 1’s) for those who are not comfortable with moving on to the second week and for any new comers. I have advertised in the paper my group until the end of September.

I want to make this experience enjoyable and not forceful.  I go at the slowest persons pace, not my own, that’s how you convince them to make it a life long habit, not a short term stint.  I have to constantly remind myself that this, in the short term is not for me, but for them.  Once we are all comfortably running a non-stop 5k, it will be business time!

I just want to run Ad | On a Jam Hunt

This is only Week One, I must do my best to keep the group committed to the full 8-10 weeks.  I try to give tips along the way – all the stuff I wish somebody had told me way back then.  I tell them I am not a professional, but I am a runner, and if it has worked for me then I think it is worth a try.  Always suggestions, never forceful.

Week 2 starts tomorrow, and I am excited!  I hope to see some new faces, and all of our current runners.

Will keep updating, I hope more people are inspired to give the gift of running, I had a lady email me today that she was interested in our group yet she lived to far away.  She is now starting up her own group, I think this is so great!  I am infectious!  In a good way of course ha!

I could go on about some more other exciting news that I have, but I will leave that for another post.

Beast on Runners, Beast on Beasts!

Jay 🙂


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