A secret behind my madness

Straight from the horses mouth… there are other motives secretly in place, they just don’t know it yet!

We are just one sleep away from the start date of the “I Just want to Run” Running group that I have organised and I am looking forward to it with all my being!
It has been what feels like an age since I have had a solo run (without children) and it seems this beginners 5k programme will benefit me just as much as the actual beginners.

My group so far consists of people who are looking to get fit, perhaps lose some weight and there have been comments floating around about bikini’s for summer.  I can help them with all of these things.  If they just stay committed, even when it gets hard, they will fulfill what they set out to achieve in partaking in this challenge.

In the back of my mind, the whole time I have pondered the idea of starting such a group, I have had thoughts and hopes that any who complete the full 8-10 weeks will see that there is more to running than weight loss, bikinis in summer and fitness.

Secretly I hope that these people find the ‘Magic’ that I found not too long ago.
I really wish for them to experience Runners High and find that there is more beyond the obligated pounding.

To want to Want to go out for a ‘quick 5k’ or so.

To crave the exhausted endorphic feeling you get minutes after finishing your longest/hardest run.

To experience what it feels like to cross a finish line where many before and after you have that one same goal – to finish.

To put on your running shoes, lace up and just head out because that is just ‘what you do’.

To feel that sweet spot  in your run where everything just starts to feel so effortless, your body on auto-pilot gliding you over ground, right at that exact point that you look up and around and realise how beautiful the world is right here right now.

To be able to look at any route, path, hill, terrain and know that you will conquer it whether or not it kills you, resulting in the badass smug feeling you get once you have.

To mentally schedule your run at the exact time that you plan to be among the best weather – the perfect sun set, the slowly dimming daylight, or the rising warmth during a crisp morning.

To know what it feels like to talk to a non-believer, and the differences between you and that person – you gave it a go, you are a Runner.

To have just completed a run and then suddenly see your life, the world, everything in such finite clarity.

To realise that when you run, it is not the act of doing, but the act of being, you have always been born to do this, it just took you some time to find that out.

I know this may be way overly deep, and to those who have not yet experienced it may think it to be crazy mumbo jumbo, those too where my thoughts some many months ago.  The difference is that now I know it all comes down to giving it a go and holding on till it feels right.  Even when you feel like chucking it in, your body aching with muscle pain and your chest burning beyond your comfort threshold.

Just wait and see, be patient, do the work.

You will soon find limits you thought you never had, I promise you!

Jay 🙂


  1. Great job organizing a group run! This is exactly what people need to find that they really can love running. It takes that extra push and motivation from your peers to see that you can push to that next level (a place most novice runners/exercisers I have never been). And I love how you focus on the inner reward and not just that “bikini body”…it is so important people realize the important inner benefits that come from exercise…these people are the ones that stay healthy for lifetime not just a summer.

  2. Awesome Jammy!!!! I am never going to have a bikini body but I am still loving getting out there and just enjoying being outside and pushing myself. It’s a VERRRRRY slow process for me but I don’t care, I am doing it and I feel great! 😀

    1. Well then that’s all that matters! I will never have a bikini body either, but I could never stop running now, I’ve caught the bug, it’s one that you can’t really get rid of lol can’t wait to actually meet you, bring on October! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh you just described everything I feel and have felt about running, I have started doing the Parkruns in Porirua (Bothamley Park) 5k some saturday mornings, at 8am when I could be catching up on sleep or walking round the house procrastinating about a shower. I found through motivation from Katie (Bleasdale) that when she said “ok sprint” my body moved faster than I have ever moved in my entire life…it is possible and more. Thanks to for highlighting all the benefits other than the obvious – get fit, lose weight, feel great. Can’t wait to see how this journey takes off. Keep up the awesome blog friend xox

    1. Thanks Mara! That’s awesome that you have got amongst the ParkRun’s, you may see my dad there from time to time 🙂 I am actually trying to set up one here in Tauranga, very exciting! I live to run, I simply cannot stop! Loves to you and yours! Xo

  4. Well done Jam Hunt, the sharing of madness has started. One foot in front of the other, enjoy group…Dad

    On 15/09/2013 08:39, On a J

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