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If you have been around my Blog a few times, then you would know that I love Running.  You would know that I get sad when I can’t, and I feel awesome when I do – usually because I am telling you all about it!
For a while I haven’t been able to run on my own without the children.  And it has been a real bummer!  I actually visited a very ugly funk because of it!
I am sick of feeling that way!

excuse-funny-quotes-favim-com-581109 excuses  no-excuses

Also, you know that Runners Jealousy…
Lots of my Running friends were out doing all sorts of cool stuff, while I was over here being all like inactive, sedentary and stuff!  Plus once you have had a taste of that “Runners High” its very hard to go back!
And then I came across a few stories about others overcoming odds, and people who with similar circumstances, were out there getting their awesome on.  I wanted to be Awesom(er again)!
So I dropped the excuses, and came up with a plan around it!  There is no way that I am going to quit just because things got a little hard.
I would make a wee group of beginners, and start running.  Together we would work our way up to running a non-stop 5k and then hopefully move on to work on a 10k (or as much running as we could fit into a 1 hour slot).

My plan is to invite anyone and everyone to come along, but especially mums who are in a similar position as I am – no childcare to be able to work out, because there shouldn’t be reasons for why we can’t workout!
The mums would take turns minding each others children, and everyone would get a chance to go out.  In a round-about way I am using these people lol  but they are using me in the exact same way ha!
I have also suggested a Graduation 5k Run – a Color Run in early January of next year.  A fun way to celebrate the awesome work everyone has done in getting themselves to complete a full 5k.

This all starts in exactly 2 weeks, I am super super excited!
I can’t wait to meet all the new people, I can’t wait to get active with all the people I know, I really just cannot wait to Run!  My groups name will tell you that – “I Just want to Run” – click here to see more of what I am talking about 🙂

Maybe I want to help inspire people to be more active, maybe I want to be that person that makes things possible, but like I said before, I really just want to run… Nuff Said!

And just quickly, I want you to meet someone…

She is my Aunty Averalle.  Last Wednesday morning I got a call from her.  She was letting me know that she had just finished Day 1, Week 1 of the c25k running program.  She rang to tell me that she almost died, but that she really enjoyed it.
The thing is, My Aunty, she is 60 years old and has just recently had a hip replacement.  She is what I would call a no excuses type of lady!
The reason why I suggested she do the c25k app was because she mentioned that she wasn’t looking forward to the ‘running’ leg of the Iron Maori Duathlon she has coming up real soon.  She was quite happy about the biking leg, saying that she had just had her bike fitted for her and has completed the 20k biking distance before, but was nervous about the running, 5k before the bike and 2.5k after the bike.
Knowing my Aunty, she will complete the c25k, she doesn’t muck around, if you grew up with my family, you would know this about her, the women in my family are quite strong-willed!
Not only does she have all this on her plate, she would quite happily cream you in a game of squash!  Don’t muck around with Aunty, she will take you down town!

I hope this post inspires you to look at your own excuses, and see how you can turn some of these into successes.

Get your Beast on!  No Excuses!

Jay 🙂


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