My squiggly line

I am back on the “Loss’ville” train.  Got a wee bit more motivation going on at the moment, and am quite excited that I am only 13-14kg closer to being at my goal weight.
At the end of January I stopped going to WeightWatchers thinking that I would be fine to continue on my own using MyFitnessPal.  I had lost almost 15kg up to that point of my journey.  To date I have fluctuated up and down gaining 2-3kg and losing that same 2-3kg but never pushing down any lower than what I was at in Jan.

The last two weeks I have spent getting back down to that end of January weight and am ready to get serious all over again and start having a few more successes!  My Success line has been super super squiggly!!

Squiggly success
I have already made some good progress since the beginning of the Month.  A few buddies and I from the NZ MFP Facebook page have entered into a comp with ourselves to follow the 30 Day Squat, Crunches and Push-up’s challenges.  It is only Day 12 and I have already lost a combined total of 12cm’s from my Bust, Waist, Hips and Thighs!

It is so great to be working on it together, even at a distance.  We know that we are only accountable to ourselves, so if we are sneaky, we are only cheating ourselves.  I have found a bunch of really supportive friends with-in this group and I hope to celebrate many more successes with them.  It is all about getting active and getting healthy and more to the point – staying that way.

Right… update with The Ekiden Relay.

Can’t quite remember what I have said about it earlier on but I will give you full update on it now.
The Hi-Tec Inspired by Life Rotorua Ekiden Relay is a 42km route around Lake Rotorua, broken up into 6 small manageable chunks for groups of 3-6 to complete.  You can enter this as a Running or Walking team.
In our MFP FB group we have a team of each, 6 Runners and 6 Walkers.  Each leg of the race is a different distance ranging from 5-9km.
My distance is 7.9km, I am the 3rd Runner.
Also for my free t-shirt size, I put a size smaller, and I am doing my damnedest to be able to get into it and not look like a dick, so that is a wee bit more of a motivator.

Ekiden Race Map

I am super excited about this race, I will get to meet a lot of the super awesome people I have met through the FB group, finally put some names to faces and hopefully do our best to behave (In public, I guarantee nothing when we are not among the general public).
One of these super awesome people, namely Glenn Larsen – RiverCity Financial Services, is sponsoring some of the cost for accommodation, which we are super grateful for.  You can visit Glenn’s website here at  If you are seeking some sound financial advice – Insurance, Home Loans, Finance, Budgeting etc. Glenn is your man!  Contact Glenn for your free Financial Consultation and Plan!

Glenn Larsen Insure me Logo
Glenn is also training for the Tarawera UltraMarathon next year!  He is such an inspiration to me, and I am sure to many others as well!

Aside from my new-found motivation with the challenges and Race in October, I realise that 12-13kg is a lot better than 30-35kg, which is what I started at.  I stopped looking at how far I had to go, and looked at how far I had already come.  I am 15kg lighter than I was post-babies, and my fitness is a shitload better.  I am not so tired and lethargic all the time, and I am more conscious of finding ways to be more active, and making better food choices.

I have had to do some re-evaluating when it comes to my fitness/race goals, but I am still going forward and still exceeding my own expectations all of the time.  I have stopped being sad about not being able to partake in events that I had planned for myself, and have instead re-focused on what I can do and what can be achieved within circumstances that I am in now!

Aside from trying to get a good time for my 7.9km leg of the Relay race, I am trying to better my 5k times – achieve a better 5k race pace.  I don’t have much choice but to run with my children a lot of the time, but I have made some huge improvements on that side of things.  My beginning average was around 55 minutes to complete the 5km loop that involved a hill with a 140ft increase in elevation over a 200 meter space.  I can now do this loop in 40-45 minutes, with an increase load of roughly 10-12kg!!
So I have found ways of keeping up a decent fitness level, not an ideal one, but one nonetheless!

I still have plans of doing the 15km trail run in late November with my dad.  We have never run together before, in fact I used to think he was a little bit crazy to run as much as he does.  Now I understand how crazy he is, and realise that in a Runners World, it is actual quite normal! ha!
My mum has also got back into running, which I am also super excited about.  She says to me that she can now do up to 4km, with her bung knees and often says that its not quite running.  I have told her it doesn’t matter if its 1km or 100km, she laces up, she kicks up into a jog, therefore she is a runner.  I suppose once upon a time I was that exact same person, I now know better.  Not to mention one of my sisters has lost upwards of 30kg and is now training to become a Personal Trainer.  It is a good time to be alive, I am super glad we are all living active lifestyles!

Anywho, today… rest day, turned into a 10km brisk walk, hope I sleep well enough to have fresh legs for a fast run tomorrow.

Re-finding my Beast, hope you are all on the Beast game too!

Jay 🙂


  1. Great to hear you are back on the squiggly line, up n down, around n around, one foot and front of the other Beast On!!…Dad

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