A change of plans.

I haven’t blogged here in a while, in fact a whole month has gone by since my last post.
It is not because I have lost interest in running or weight loss, I had simply not had anything super interesting to write about.
Until now.

A change in circumstances for my family and I have meant that I have had to back off on the use of care for my children so that I may go out regularly to run.  The moment that I came to this realisation, that I wont be able to run regularly and at most only once a week, I was crushed!  It actually felt like my heart was breaking!  In fact last week, I actually thought I was going crazy, left alone with my thoughts (which is normal for a runner) but my feet and legs weren’t moving!!!

Unhappy Deal

I feel like I am literally clinging on to my fitness, so much so that I have even been on a run with my children in Stroller again.  They are so heavy to push!!!  The whole 5k that I can manage to push them for is a struggle!  I feel pretty choice after it, but it is not ideal for building mileage for long runs.  Long runs are just a dream for me for the moment. *saddyface*

And so I have cancelled my plan of racing the 10k in Whangamata this month, I can’t go run it and be happy with a half arsed effort because of a half arsed training schedule. I would be disappointed in my time if I were to go out and just ‘hope for the best’.  To me it would just feel like I was yet again being pushed into that ugly void where running does not exist!
I am also humming and hah’ing about whether or not to enter the 12km City to Surf in September.

The constant change in circumstances means that from week to week, month to month, I have no idea of where we stand.  If I had regular running, I would be able to cope with the madness, 1-2 runs a week doesn’t quite hit the spot!

I have committed to an event in October.  I will be running a leg in a relay run made up of people in the Facebook Group ‘NewZealand My Fitness Pal Buddies’.  My leg of the race is 7.8k, which is a manageable distance for me to train and do well at given the amount of time that I do have to hit the pavement.  I am happy about this, to have at least one thing of certainty in such an uncertain world!

This post is a change from my usual upbeat “punch today in the face” attitude type posts, but that is because it is a tough time in my household.
In place of weeks packed with plans of sweaty exertion are plans packed with playgroup play-dates and toddler morning tea dilemmas, which are just as gripping…like actually!!  Challenges…just on a different playing field, ha!  You can read about those over on my ‘Stay at home mama’ page – You don’t read that in a book – What goes on in my house!

Anywho, rain this weekend, not likely to get in another run, but we will see.

The hubby will be able to help with minding the children during my runs next week, SUPER excited about this!  Like a kid waiting for Christmas, that is how excited I am!!

Things have slowed, but I have definitely not quit!

Some quit due to slow progress, never grasping the fact that slow progress...is progress.

Moving on…

Jay 🙂


  1. Hey dar Jam Hunt, no worries with a run a week, better than none at all…go da mokos and mum and dad…Koro Pete n Nana G

    On 03/08/2013 18:26,

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