Don’t eat cake…go for a run!

I posted to myself on Facebook this afternoon, my exact words…

Get off your fat ass and go for a run Janine…

So I did.
I just wanted to stay home, put my onesy on, eat cake and have a lazy Sunday…on Saturday!


I have started logging again on MFP to get my A into G.  I always feel like my first week is like coming down off a drug.  The cravings are horrendous!
There is not much left in my refrigerator and pantry except good stuff.  Veg bins are full, legumes of every sort, polished off the old digi-scales, all measuring cups accounted for and half a shelf designated for the children’s snacks.  We have got it sussed!  I even fed my husband red cabbage salad today…and he liked it!  My children are also scoffing on my vege bowls I made up for snacks.  Talk about family affair!

Cravings though!  So bad I can’t ignore!  I jumped on Facebook and started scrolling through my newsfeed.  I have ‘liked’ so many Running Pages that it was full of motivational pics.  I had no choice, I had to get off of my ass and go!

And go I did, without any specific plan, I knew I just had to complete my minimum distance of 8.7km to keep up with my 200km July Goal.  4km’s sounded on my App and I thought ‘sweet, i’ll just run a wee bit more and then turn back’.  I got to that ‘wee bit more’ and decided meh, I’ll run till I can’t and then turn back.  So I did.  9.3km in the bag for today.  It was a really nice run too, well almost all of it… I semi-tripped climbing those muddy stoney stairs pictured in my last post and landed hard kind of jarring my right knee.  Boo!!  I actually let out a bit of an Eff word, out loud even – oops!  Shook it off and moved on, I wasn’t far from home so just boosted back making sure not to stuff it anymore.  As I sit here on the couch after a 600Cal dinner there is no pain, but who knows, we will see tomorrow…bring on the Kinesio Tape!

30.7km so far, just over 15% of my goal for the month.  I am happy with this, body feeling good other than the knee.  Feeling more energetic and awake, running is going well, would like to kick up the distances a bit, and maybe the speed.  August will be the month for speed I think!

Right on track for the first week of the month, super Dry July, not a beer or inkling of takeaways in sight!

Have a super strong weekend Beasts,

Jay 🙂



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