An overwhelming sense of urgency!

We aren’t talking about needing to run here.  I get that sense of urgency on a daily basis – to want to go out and run, so I wouldn’t make a post dedicated to something pretty regular.  No no no, unfortunately it was the other ‘need’…  ‘the NEED To go…’ 😐
…during a run!!!  and not just number 1, where you can just hold it till you get home after your run is done, but number 2.  Oh god, I said it!  Yup that’s right, I really needed to go number 2’s, about two thirds of the way through my run yesterday.

Poop while you run

On my usual route there are 2 public toilet blocks.  I run past one of those at about 2.7km into my run.  I run a further 3km and then usually turn back homeward bound.  About 2 km into this 3k, I only ‘kinda’ needed to go, I only then remembered that I hadn’t gone yet today.  I carried on to do another 500 meters and at that time I definitely needed to go, like straight up needed to go!  I turned back to head for the bathrooms I had past previously.  Except it was locked, and I am pretty sure there wasn’t anyone in there because I was waiting a while for my turn.  Some dick must have locked it and closed the door on exiting!!! Gah!
Finally I decided I would just run home, obviously as quickly as I could!  No stops allowed!

Arrived home, ran for the bathroom, and as I ran, remembered to ‘End’ my run on the Nike App I use haha
It was definitely sweet relief!  I am glad I run not too far from my own neighbourhood!


Now I wouldn’t usually tell you a ‘Number 2’ story, but yesterday was different.  Because of that sense of urgency, I ran that entire 7.4km with only one stop!  No walking at all, just that one stop at the toilet.
At the time I wasn’t so excited about it, I had other things on my mind, but after I had done the deed and realised what had just happened, I was quite chuffed!  Awkwardly chuffed!

Has this ever happened to you?
I know with the big distance running it does become an issue, how do you managed this?

Well that was yesterdays story, I am not quite sure it is post worthy, but 7.4km without stops is alright in my books! ha!

9.4km run today, a few more stops though.

Looking forward to a short 4km tomorrow for the 4th of July, getting out for my American followers, supposed to be a rest day, so will actively rest and take it easy.

Stay Beast y’all!

Jay 🙂

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