Feels like Day 1

I have had a buggery of a week!

Last Saturday night I went to Girls night, and had a bit too much of a good time!  My good time resulted in a hideous cold/flu!
My flu lasted all week!!!
On top of that I have had some severe eyestrain, something I have been suffering from for around 2 months now, so for the past week have had to avoid/restrict using my laptop or iPhone, which also means no Facebook or WordPress 😦
I have a lot of blog reading and writing to catch up on!

My first run for the week was yesterday.  I only managed 5.4km in about 40 minutes.
It seriously felt like Day 1 all over again.  I know I wasn’t 100% to begin with but I do believe a lot of it had to do with my preparation for the run.  Terrible food choices the day before, terrible hydration all week.  I really shouldn’t have expected anything more from myself out of that run.

End of the day, no such thing as a bad run, except a run not run at all.

Today was a new day and it was a good one too!  Separate post for today’s adventure!

Oh and btw…  500kms run since my debut back in late November, pretty chuffed about that.  Next stop… 1000km!

30.06.2013 133
Next Post…

Jay 🙂

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