Adventure, my middle name!

Forearms, triceps, quads and feet all hurt today!

A 6.43km trail run followed by a whole bunch of Adrenalin Forest!

Adrenaline Forest | On a Jam Hunt
What is Adrenalin Forest you ask?

Let me show you…

30.06.2013 136 P1080631 P1080653 P1080648 P1080647 P1080642 P1080665 P1080626 P1080625 P1080627 P1080662

6 Pathways – 1 being easy, 6 being Adrenalin Max!!!  I only made it to Pathway 4 in the 3 hours that you are allowed.  Heights of Pathways range from 3 meters high to 18 meters high with with up to 17 challenges per Pathway!
The park is situated right in the middle of the TECT All Terrain Park – The Bay’s Biggest Adventure All Terrain Playground!.

I probably couldn’t have completed any more than I had unless I had a break in between for food.  I really did run out of energy to carry on.  Amy was always 1 or 2 activities in front of me, Jared boosted off to complete all 6 pathways, he was pretty darn Beast!!

These pics don’t do it justice.  The height and the difficulty of each of the activities combined with your mind trying to talk you out of going any higher, made for a very eventful day.
Except when I decide to freak myself out by stalling at the 3rd to last activity in the 4th pathway.  At first I had just run out of energy to carry myself across another couply of meters of intense exertion, but then as I continued to just stand there and look at how high up I was and how unforgiving the next activity was namely “Tarzan swing”, I almost neared asking for a rescue…kind of but not really but kind of… ha!

Tarzan | On a Jam Hunt

This is me finally taking the plunge and swinging after a good 10 minutes of having everyone in the park yell at me to do it!  Even a guy driving along the side of the park stopped to add his two cents worth!  Great motivation guys!

Oh and just a quick selfie of Amy lol she was the Photographer for today! 🙂

Amy | On a Jam Hunt

We had such a great day and plan to go back with a bigger group at an earlier time, with more nutrition if we want to add in another 6k/50min trail run as well!

Just reminded me of why I get out there in the rain, in the shine, getting my run on!

We get back in the game, we continue to make a Beast of ourselves!

Become Beast!

Jay 🙂


  1. Fantastic to see you back on line…one foot in front of the other…we have a Adrenalin Forest just down the road, opposite Aotea College…both G n I have not been, looks great…keep up the great work…beast on…Dad 🙂

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