Dreaming of an Ultra!

So after a draining miserable Tuesday, I worked hard to get today right!  In fact every day since Tuesday has been right.  Cals in has been right on track, and Run Day today went swimmingly!  Really looking forward to weighing in on Monday!

Completed Couch to 10k Week 10, Day 2 again today… for the third time lol  if you have read previous posts you would know I fell over on the first attempt, and then Tuesday just gone I was not in a good space.
My run today covered 9.2km in 1.10.  Nice cruisey pace, but again just enough to get me uncomfortable.  Day 3 for week 10 will be completed this Sunday.  Amy may rock along with me for this run, maybe… her dog ate a bit of her running shoes… she is real mad about that lol  I would be too… it would be like my life is over!!  Spending the time to break in new shoes – downtime – *supersadface*
Anywho…this Programme goes right up to week 14, and all going to plan I should be able to complete a 10km non-stop and in less than an hour with plenty of time to work in a speed run and a trail run each week after its completion!

Speaking of trail runs, I may thrash out a few Mount runs while Jared is home.  I miss the trails and am getting kind of bored with the Estuary route I usually take.  I really hope the repetitiveness doesn’t affect my overall running mood, I will make a decent effort to mix it up without going too far away from my original training plans!
I have been thinking a lot lately about the Tarawera Ultramarathon 2014.  I have plans of completing a half marathon early next year, but since meeting a MyFitnessPal friend – namely Glenn, have not stopped thinking about perhaps entering a team.  I don’t know if I could find 3 other crazy people who would be keen to thrash out some of the course in a relay.  If anything I will definitely volunteer in some way – Glenn did mention about pacing him for 20k of the course… I am pretty amateur, so I am not quite sure I would be any good at that job.  However it was really inspiring for him to even put it out there for me.

A crazy dream for me, but totally do-able…if I have anything to do with it ha!

As I have said before, every great runner had to start at the beginning, and that’s exactly what I have done!
Dream Big, but make sure to Live your dream!

Till Sunday,

Do It to It!, Become a Beast, Rock your weekend!

Jay 🙂

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  1. Te he he he my doog s always chooing on my runners…great to hear…thats it with one step at a time…kwel

    On 14/06/2013 19:25,

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