Carbs, Sugar and Poo!

Ok lets start off with the good news…

My weigh-in yesterday tells me I have lost 2.3kg!!!  Im pretty amped about that!  I am also starting to notice a difference in my core and leg strength due to all this Abs and Squat challenge business.  I am on to something good with that!  Consistency really is key!

Ok and now the crap news…

I have had a pretty stink last few days.  My good eating habits went AWOL (too much Carb action, and far too many sugary treats) , it probably went to where ever my ‘happy’ went.  Sunday was my eldest sons 11th birthday, who I have not seen since he was 4 years old.  He lives in Australia with his dad for reasons that are too lengthy and complicated to fit into this post, nor do I really want to spill, we will just leave it at that.  Anywho, I always get a bit emo around this time of year.  This year it seemed to last 3 whole days, but it is time to just get on with things and be happy about stuff!  I never like to be sad for too long anymore anyway, its a waste of life, and you only get to do life once!

As a result of the shit eating habits, I had a terrible run today, so terrible that when I went to log it on MyFitnessPal, it was considered a ‘WALK’, a very very brisk WALK is what I had to select as my speed *bigfatsaddyface*!!!
Just days before I had read a post by Colin over at UBERBEASTMODE, titled Improperly fueled bodies are the worst.  Was this not a sign to keep my shit together for Run day!?!?!

Nike Run App 11.06 | On a Jam Hunt
Meh enough of the Boo stuff, moving on quick smart, spent enough time on negativity… except I do need to express one last rant…

Attention all Dog Owners!!!  Clean up the God Damn Poo!!!  Seriously!! (Apologies for the pic of poo lol)

Poo on Boardwalk | On a Jam Hunt
As if I wasn’t already in a shithouse mood, I had to dodge poo all down the boardwalk. GARRR!!! (sorry mum for swearing)

Right, moving on…again lol

Ran past my rock I tripped over last week lol  and walked back past it on my way back…

Estuary Run Rock | On a Jam Hunt
Quite frustrating to see how much this rock ‘was not‘ sticking out of the ground, which means I was being more than lazy with picking up my knees for my run that day.

Also took this pic, the Estuary water looked so great on such a nice fine day!  My iPhone pic just doesn’t do it any justice.

Estuary Run 11.06 | On a Jam Hunt

I wish my run was just a great as the weather today, but I will just have to work on that when I have my next run day on Thursday.
I will be able to up my run days next week as the hubby is home, yay for free childcare!  I am so excited about this, I feel like 2 runs a week four days apart is just not enough to get me to where I want to be.  In between weather permitting I can wog (walk/jog)  with the children in stroller, but its winter time here, and I do not need sick children while home on my own!!  Besides they’re almost 10kg each, plus weight of stroller, urgh!  Its no easy feat!  But I will do it if it is my only option to get a run in.

Plan for the rest of this week….
1.  Stop being sad!
2.  Continue with logging on MFP
3.  Fuel myself properly for runs
4.  Keep on with my 10k App
5.  Be Awesome!

Apart from being amazingly awesome, I hope you all have some great plans for the remainder of your week, tomorrow is Hump Day!!

Be Awesome, Be Beast!!

Jay 🙂


  1. Hey we learn and we move forward right!? You have the right attitude about not dwelling on the negative, because yes you do in fact only get one life. You’ll be back in the swing of things and having great runs right away, no worries!

    1. Thanks Colin,
      Just a minor bump in the road, just another one of those things. Back into action today, positive attitude and all!
      Thanks for your support 🙂

  2. Morning my baby, have a great week, be awesome , be beast…dats da real world rocks to climb over or round round, crap to avoid and carbs to have as treat…Koro

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