I have a broken heart…

and a broken foot!  Well not actually broken, but on Sunday it may as well have been!

Now I may be slightly over-reacting, me and my self-diagnosis/google-nosis… (I am pretty (confidently) sure that I am not the only one who does this, me, google and the words – pain, ankle, foot and there it was… filthy filthy tendinitis!)
Two days ago I thought I was possibly suffering from Posterior tibial tendonitis.  This is the problem with Google-nosis, I really need to leave it to the professionals!
In actual fact the pain in my foot probably did have something to do with my Posterior Tibial Tendon in my left leg, it is still tender in parts of my leg leading from the arch in my foot, through my ankle and up the inside of my lower leg, its not as painfully sore as it was 2 days ago, at least I can walk on it comfortably now.
I was mega *sadface’ing* up until today, I felt like my (running) world was ending!  Again, overreacting, but I just started getting fabulous at this thing and now my foot is inactive and I have been just a little bit (whole bunch) panicky about it!  Is this normal?  My heart is broken and I need to run!

I am 4 days from running in the Run for your freakn life and I was starting to think that it wasn’t going to happen.  Another overreaction I am sure!
I have just recently bought new/different shoes, and I feel like they are 100% responsible!  I took them back a week after purchasing and am awaiting a different pair because the others didn’t quite fit right.  Now I have a new pair of shoes to break in, a race I need to run in and a foot that is being so so dumb!  All I want is for the pain to be over, my foot to be better and for me to be able to work on a plan to not let whatever it is that has happened, happen again.  I am not a very pro-active runner, as much as I am trying to be, it seems I am a very re-active runner, fixing shit as I go along, making probably more mistakes than having successes.  I am probably as normal as they come, well not normal, but more typical.  I bet these things happen to every one.  Still doesn’t make me feel any better or my situation any lighter.

I want to go stuff my face with cake, I love cake, cake is happiness! Goh, shut up about cake!!! (thought bubble *homer simpson thinking about cake ‘gurgle’*)


I fought with all I had in me to not get my gear on and go for a run, I had planned to run the entire estuary today, the whole 9.4km’ish!  If ever I was to drive anywhere in my town, I would more than likely have to drive past the Estuary.  I drove past it like 3 times today 😦  and I had to stop myself from daydreaming each time I gazed at the track that runs around it.  I think I am obsessed!  Other runners do this, right?
Everywhere I could walk, I did today.  I parked further away from any store I had to go to.  I made a million excuses to go downstairs just so I could use the steep internal access in our house.  I even sought out a few bargains shopping for new running gear (I am wearing out my tops, for the first time in my entire life lol).  Quick question – why does the majority of sports wear have to be fluroscent?  I don’t need my butt/gutt to stand out anymore than it has to haha
Beast Gear
How does this happen!  Going from hating the sport to embracing it as a way of life!  and then to have it threatened for a short period of time, its like losing your true love!  I watch too much “Once upon a time” lol
I love running!!  Almost as much as I love Jared lol…

Speaking of Jared,  he has gone again, he left this afternoon for Africa.  I wish he didn’t have to work so far away for such a long time!  Not really conducive to a normal family life.  5 weeks and counting… all over again, bleh!
Also thanks to Jared, I have crossed another thing off of my Beast list… Must Do – 89. Try Blood Pudding
Not my thing, I put out of my mind that it is made up of coagulated blood, and tried to appreciate the flavours… Couldn’t do it!  Don’t like it, not for me, Must do number 89.  TICK.  Pic’s posted over on the Beast Must Do’s Page.
Thanks babe for helping me tick them off one at a time, peas to my carrots xo

Enough mush, back to blog.
Tomorrow I will try to get in a sneaky 5k walk with the children if it is warm enough in the morning, I need to stretch my legs and keep active without over doing it.
Sorry for the ‘all over the place’ blog tonight, but its just emotions and a million thoughts flying around in this manic brain of mine.

Costume making tomorrow arvo, can’t wait to post reveal pics!! EXCITE!

Itching to get back into it,

Jay 🙂

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