Listening to your body

I have learnt from my first real injury – my calf sprain.  My calf strain back in Feb led to 4 weeks of non-progressive running, and I had to be fully focussed on recovery and healing.  Not something I wanted to be focusing on, but you do what you have to do!  Back then I was still pretty beginner’ish (well I am still an amateur), but my biggest problem that I had back in Feb was lack of knowledge and failing to find information!
Obviously pain means that something is not right, and failing to do something about it is more than likely going to end in exacerbation of the problem.  I made a small injury worse by continuing to run on it.  My stubborn nature was forcing my body to submit, and my body just wasn’t having it!  My calf cost me money in physio fees, and time off running, GOH!  I was not a smart cookie!
I guess after having that initial strain, it taught me to take a different approach with any other pain I have had since then!

The number one thing for me when I looked back after the calf strain was cost!  My family and I live quite comfortably, but we don’t have money to throw around on something that to my husband is just a hobby, I guess in a way it is a hobby for where I want to go with it, but nevertheless it does cost money when it comes to injury.  For this reason I had to think about what can I replace physio with…  Foam Rolling.  A cheap foam roller can be picked up for anywhere between $30-$70, the heavy duty rollers are made to last, so for any amateur these are key!
Rest/SLEEP is so important to me!  A good sleep is the difference between a good and bad run sometimes.  My body just doesn’t repair quick enough if I don’t get enough restful sleep.  Recovery time/days, this is something I still need to figure out with my body, but I am getting better.  I know that after 2-3days of no running, I can pump out a good 8-9km easy.  Any consecutive day after a 8-9km run I am pushing to complete a comfortable 5km+.  What I need to do is stay consistent with my after-run routine, keep massaging out my legs, look after my feet and get some good sleep!
Ice – I have been suffering from Shin splints for the last week or so, and Icing is one thing I should be doing as soon as I get home just until I can run without the pain.
Shin SPlints
There are quite a few factors to running hard and recovery, and tbh diet has got to be one of mine that I have not been paying much attention to!
Listen to your body!

My legs are still not 100% and I don’t think I will ever be in tip top shape as a runner, but for now it is about the journey and the pure enjoyment of running!
Speaking of enjoyment, let me tell you about my run yesterday…

The 5km run that turned into 8km, ha!

02.05.2013 034 02.05.2013 033
And some Personal Records to go with it!
This has got to be the most consistent run I have ever done.  I managed to hit each km with a reasonable time, well one that I am happy with anyway.

02.05.2013 036 02.05.2013 035
So how did 5km turn into 8km..?
I had set out to run 2.5 there and 2.5 back, I had done my warm up and was ready to start my Nike App.  I tee’d up my podcast listening for my 5k run and was ready to go.
The podcast I was listening to was the 4th one from Patrick Reed of Run5kaday titled Boston & The 1:59 Marathon with Phil Maffetone.  The conversation about the 1:59 Marathon was very interesting, so interesting that before I had even realised it, I had run 4km+ away from home, so had to run that same 4 all the way back goh!  Even as a novice, it was a good one to listen to!

I realised at the 6th kilometre that I had told my friend Amy that I was only going for a quick 5k and that Id be a little over a half hour away, I was past that 30mins so made sure to speed it up a little.  The cool thing was, I could actually speed it up comfortably without feeling like I was going to die!  It was the coolest feeling in the world, like ACTUAL!  The human body is an amazing thing, and I am still high on that great feeling!

I have just seen that Anthony from Mountains to Mats has liked my Beast Playlist, and this reminds me to add the podcasts that I have been listening to 🙂

Also last quick note – What I thought may be a 5km event in June, has become 10km…thanks to Amy, you definitely have Beast Spirit, love ya!

Keep up the Beast work people!

Jay 🙂


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