Goodbye old shoes, Hello New shoes!

It was TECT day today, and I learnt to ride my new bike!  I felt like I was learning for the first time all over again!  Well of course I know how to get on and ride a bike, but more learning to use the gears.  Last time I had a mountain bike there was only one thingy to change gears, and even then I wasn’t exactly sure it all worked.  Goh!  I know how to drive a Manual transmission car, and I have issues with bloody bikes!  We will get there, and we will be awesome!  Once we get past the “sore butt”, but I didn’t bail, 100 cool points for me!!

26.04.2013 003
I do have issues with taking instruction from my husband.  In my former line of work it was about me teaching others and managing/telling others what to do, it is odd being told what to do!  Especially by my husband (miss independent) a lot of the time I felt like ripping his head off!  But we wont tell him that…

And next time Jared comes home from work, I want to get amongst this madness!!  Adrenaline Forest!  Right opposite the MTB track and just behind my usual running trail track.  EXCITE!
26.04.2013 005Bad picture!  But it is obstacles in very high trees!  Lots of climby things, swingy things, flying foxy things, rope, wire and harness!!!

…Today I bought new shoes!

After getting comfy and all used to these bad boys, I have developed two wee holes in the front there and the sole is quite worn.

26.04.2013 007

It was more a decision the hubby made for me buying new.  I went to Podium Podiatry to suss me something appropriate to my feet.  I was very nervous about buying new shoes after getting comfy with the Adidas Marathons.  Then after trying about 3 different pairs of cushy numbers and have a quick run around, I chose these…

26.04.2013 008

Asics GT-2000, if that makes any diff, who knows, but its a new shoe and we have to break these suckers in!
And so that is what I did today!
Hubby drove to pick children up from the Nannys house, and I took a detoured run of 5km’ish to meet him there.  Was supposed to be just a quick 3.4km according to the husband, but I had done enough of “following instruction” for one day and wrangled me an extra couply k’s.  The run was awkward and long, but we got there at 38mins, it just felt as if I was hauling along too big puffy bricks or heavy bubble wrapped socks!  I’m sure once they are properly broken in I will feel a lot better about them.

Saturday tomorrow, I really want to start my couch to 10k app, but I should really start on a fresh week.  I def’s need to get out for at least a 5k, hubby reckons I get shitty if I don’t run, I feel sorry for him! ha!

Getting close to Zombie Run, costume making next week, become one with the crafty me!

Have a happy active weekend my beasts!

Jay 🙂



    1. Yep he literally tries to push me out the door to run, and/or starts dropping hints that I should go lol “babe I can look after the kids if you want to go for a run” haha oh bless!

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