Slow Down

After having a day off, I laced up again and hit the pavement.  I decided I would just see how my shins go today, paying special attention to my stride and cadence as I went, being sure to keep it short and avoid pushing my Tibialis anterior muscle back into strain!
Last night while catching up on blogs I follow, I decided I would download a Podcast app on my phone so I could listen to Coach Patrick Reeds A Runners Podcast during my run today.  Let me tell you, it couldn’t have come at a better time!  His podcasts include tips to improve your running life, explanation of his ‘run 5k a day’, answering listeners questions, quotes and running news, plenty of super helpful information for a runner of every level, and it’s free!  Why has this come at a good time for me?…
Slow Down!  Reed talks about slowing down in his 2nd podcast.  I slowed down, and for this simple action I ran the entire 5k non-stop with an iffy leg and with minimal to no pain!  It is not easy to slow down though, as mentioned in posts by Coach Reed on Run5kaday.  It takes me a bit to get my pace, cadence and breathing right, but the little time, concentration and effort you put into getting it comfortable helps to enjoy the rest of your run!
I didn’t listen to my Beast Playlist with thumping Ra Ra Ra music that encourages me to push hard and fast, instead I listened to these podcasts which required me to concentrate on what is being said and apply things to my run, helping me to actually Slow Down.
I believe quite firmly that if I hadn’t have listened to this podcast telling me to slow down, I would’ve been back in the same boat I was in with my bung leg/shin splints limping my butt back home!

Todays was by far the best ‘simply for the sake of running’ run that I have ever done, one of my most enjoyable ones yet, not about how fast or how far, more about enjoying being out and simply being able to run!  Some of it ‘road run’ even!
I have definitely got the bug!

Another helpful thing that an FB friend shared with me today

The full version can also be viewed through the above video.

Still taking it easy before Zombie Run (18 days to go!!!), and I may enter an event in June, see how we go…

Tomorrow another casual 5k down on the Estuary boardwalk, lets hope I can get some good weather for it!

Jay 🙂



  1. I’m gla you had a good run! I’m looking forward to your zombie race report, I’m thinking about doing a September Zombie run.

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