Drop and Run!

My newest way of getting in a run… Running home!
Hubby and I dropped the children off at their nanny’s house for the day and rather than riding home in the car, I ran home.  Probably my best idea yet for getting in a run, giving myself no choice but to!
We measured the distance in the car to be 3ish km’s, I planned to go the longer way home hopefully doubling my distance.  Unfortunately after the first 1.5k’s my lower leg tightened up, so much that I had to stop to stretch out.  Stretching out just gave a temporary relief, I knew I was experiencing the dreaded shin splints!  URGH!
I have never had shin splints while running, only ever developed the pain the next day after a hard run, so naturally I somehow thought I was immune to getting them, idiot!
I have seen this video before, and I think I have posted it before too, so I will only chuck up the link to it, The Runners World explanation to Shin splints, causes and prevention…  I am going to get to some foam rolling immediately after posting!
Shin SPlints

My run was only 3.4km, and in 27mins, yuck!  A very sad run, more like a miserable walk!
I am guessing that the hilly roads threw me through a loop, on top of Road running which you know I kind of loathe, and my lack of consistent running.  I have been my own worst enemy!
I really need to take it easy leading up to Zombie Run, I don’t want to have to be my groups ‘sacrifice’ ha!  My plan is to just stick to not to hit anything over 7km.  I know my last run was of 10km, but I seriously think that one was purely mental, it was for a cause and I had a positive mind set to knock it out and prove something to myself.  The daily grind run purely for my sanity but doesn’t come with the same mind set.  It really should!  Lets Ice up, Roll out, Anti-inflam and get a good nights sleep!

My just in case plan…

AND… I also need to get back into my squatting!  Strong Butt, Strong Legs, Strong Run!
Getting in some cross training too this week, MTB for the win!

This pain will not beat me!

Jay 🙂

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